Gender Check According To The Time Of Ovalation

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Guesser - October 10

This a little test for you ladies who remember. I was reading up on this. If you have s_x and get pregant a few days after after your period it will be a girl and if you have s_x right around a week before your period give or take you will have a boy. I did the test with both my kids and it worked so just wondering whoever can remember when you had s_x what is the Gender of your baby, and was it before you period you had s_x or a few days after you finished your period.


N - October 10

In one of the biology cla__ses I took they told us that female sperm are actually larger than male sperm so female sperm live longer, but swim slower (they are kind of fat). So in theory if you have s_x the day that you ovulate you have better chances of having a boy (they make it there quicker) and if you have s_x 2 days before you ovulate your chances are better of having a girl, the day before you ovulate was kind of a 50/50. I am pregnant with boy #2 right now and I am not quite sure when I ovulate because they were both concieved about 8 or 9 days after the beginning of my last period. I think it must be early though because we were ttc for a while and were having s_x between days 10 and 18 (when most women ovulate) and had no success for three months. The second time in my whole life my period ended early so I had I s_x, and I got pregnant.. the only other time I have done that, I got pregnant with my first.


Guesser - October 10

With my girl I had s_x 3 days after my period, which some people don't believe you can get pregant, or should I say ovalate that early, and with my son I had s_x a week before it was time for my period. But some people in my case don't always ovulate the same time, I notice my change from time to time, maybe 3 times within a year and the doctor said it's because some months are longer than others. That's why I was in denial at first with my little girl, cause I thought I just got off my period no way. but I read up on it and it's possible to ovulate that early. Thanks for your in-put. Are you trying for a girl next time or is your family complete?


N - October 11

Not too sure yet. My husband really wants to try for a third, but to me the ideal family has always been with two kids. This baby isn't even here yet and we are already fighting over whether or not to have another one :P I guess we'll see. I am trying for a VBAC this time, so if it's successful, I may consider another.. but I am also afraid of having three little boys and one big one :>


Guesser - October 11

N, So you just cant really remember when you might have concieved, if you do have a boy this time, try to have s_x the whole week after your period stops and maybe a little girl will be made.



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