Genital Herpes

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Unknown - April 15

Does anyone else have genital herpes and scared about an outbreak during labour? I am very worried that I'll have an outbreak during labour and not be able to really feel it because you don't have to have visible lesions to pass it on. My doctor says she'll monitor however is anyone else taking anti-viral meds in their 9th month?


no name - April 16

I also have this. My doctor is going to have me take Valtrex the last four weeks of my pregnancy. I did this with my first child also. Don't worry about it, as long as you take your medication you should be okay. I was worried the first time that I would need a C-section if I had a break out. Good luck to ya.


Unknown - April 16

No Name, just a quick this safe for the baby? Are there any side affects? How much Valtrex did you take daily, 500 or 1000 mg?


- - April 16

What is the chance of pa__sing this on to baby if you have only had one outbreak and it was many years ago? And you are not currently being treated for it.


Unknown - April 16

Who said that I had just one outbreak and that it was many years ago? No, I am not currently being treated for it because I don't currently have an outbreak, I am concerned about the affect the treatment (should I have to take it because of a pending outbreak) could have on the baby if any.


- - April 16

I am sorry for the misunderstanding. I was asking for myself. If I had only one outbreak many years ago what are the chances of me pa__sing this virus on to my baby?


Unknown - April 17

Well, the chance of pa__sing it on to your baby is unknown. Depending on how your body responds during labour, and if the labour will stimulate your body to awaken the normally dormant virus. This is why I am wondering if taking valtrex is safe during the final weeks of pregnancy so as to avoid any possibility of an outbreak. My question is does anyone out there know if there are any side affects to baby?


my friend - April 17

I had a friend that had them and her first son was born with a patch on his cheek from them. (he was born in a military hospital and she believes the care was sub-standard) her second and third child were born fine and she did have an active outbreak with the third one. She also was given meds as precaution and so were the babies. Not to mention she had them over 10 yrs ago. Advances in medicine have come a long way, I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, just follow your doctors advise.


no name - April 17

As far for me I was told with my first child to take the medication 4 weeks prior to my due date. I believe there are no side effects from the medication, but you would have to ask your doctor about this. I believe I took 500 mgs a day. For me I have not had any break outs in over 5 years. You just have to probably take it cause stress can cause an outbreak or even being out in the sun. Hope this helps.


Unknown - April 17

To No nothing happened to your child? I know this is a blunt question but in your best opinion, everything turned out OK?


no name - April 18

Everything turned out fine with my child, but like I said talk with your doctor. I am going to take the medication again in a few weeks and I am fine with taking it. Hope this helps.


Unknown2 - April 19

I also took Valtrex for the last two weeks of my first pregnancy. I don't remember how much. I plan to take it again this time. It can be very dangerous if there is an outbreak, or even shedding at birth. My doctor felt that any risks with the medication would be outweighed by the benefit of not having an outbreak. I don't think there has been any real testing done on effects on unborn babies.


... - April 29

Hi I'm 17 weeks pregnant, only in the 2nd trimester (so sorry for posting here), but I just found out today that I have HSV-2...I've never noticed anything, no outbreaks or anything. But I am devastated! I've only had two partners and both were relationships, but there is a possiblily I contracted it from my first since I suspect he wasn't faithful. But we were together over 6 years ago so I think I'd notice something since then! I was told you can also get it orally(from kissing, sharing chapstick or drinks), I think that is a more plausible way it happened. Either way, I just don't know how to deal right now. I'm so scared to pa__s it to my baby. My doctor's office isn't really thinking it's that big of a deal. They say it's really common and that 50% of adults have some form (1 or 2) in their system and don't even know it. But I'm feeling bad about myself because oviously I've already pa__sed it to my fiance. He's been nothing but supportive about it. He's trying to make me feel better but I just can't help feeling dirty. I guess it's the stigma that society places in your brain. If you have HSV-1(cold sores) that's not so bad, but if you have type 2 it's horrible because of the way you supposedly got it. I've been reading up on different websites but it seems a lot of the info contradicts each other. Anyone in the same boat as me? Any advice?


Unknown 2 - May 2

Don't beat yourself up. I have had this since my college days. My husband and I have been married for 7 years and he has never contracted the virus. The initial outbreak came some time after the initial infection and was horrible, but outbreaks have tapered off over the years and I rarely have any problems with it. I was really worried with my first pregnancy, but taking the medication before the birth helped prevent what was already an unlikely outbreak. I was also really worried that if I had an outbreak, I would have to explain to my family why I was having a c-section! Again, though, the medication kept me from having an outbreak and all is well. I expect things to go the same way this time around and am not really stressed about it.



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