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utopia8302 - February 19

Hey girls. I have GD, and at 34 weeks the baby's weight was 7#4oz!! So the docs were very surprised, being that she was already 3# overweight! OB said that there's NO way he'll induce me with her being so big. He wants to do a c section at 39 weeks. I TOTALLY do not want a CS! So I asked him if he could induce me at 38 weeks, he said no. But if I went on my own, and started to go into labor early, that he would not stop it and we could try a va___al birth. I am currently 36 1/2 weeks, and really want her to come out on her own to avoid the CS. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know there are a few posts on here about Castor Oil-but that's not an option for me due to me not being able to even get the glass close to my mouth without puking! So please, any suggestions or support out there-would be helpful! I am at the end of my rope! I dont know what else to say to my OB!


sarah21 - February 19

Well castor oil and all the natural methods probably won't work since baby isn't ready yet. My midwife delivers 9 and 10 pound babies regularly and doesn't have any problems. I don't know why your OB won't just induce you and let you deliver v____ally. That's why our pelvises have joints-- relaxin relaxes them and they open up and baby's head has the ability to flex and the bones can overlap to allow it through. I would really push for him to induce you, perhaps become a major pain in the neck for him until he does it.


goldfish - February 19

sorry but i wanted to know , was ur sugar not in control or something why did the baby grow so larger all of a sudden. did the doc put u on insulin?. i have GD too just wanted to know . Its ok if you dont want to share . i was just wanting toknow


mahagen - February 20

Utopia, try s_x and if not try to do a lot of walking. Those are big things that can progress your labor. Did doc say your dialated, thinning out or anything. GD is hard on your body when pregnant so I can understand why he is saying that at 39 weeks he will not let you go past and it will be a csection but like Sarah said, bug him to death to let you have the baby v____ally at 38 weeks and if all else fails they can do an emergency csection. If you do think about it, by 39 weeks your baby might honestely be pushing 11 pounds by then, YIKES. I don't blame you for wanting to go natural because csections have more complications then when delivering v____ally but at the same time it can relieve you from the motions of going through all the labor. Remember that this is your baby and the doctor needs to do whats best for you but at the same time he needs to be considerate of your wishes too. You have the right to voice your opinion and whats the worse that could happen, he says no and explains or should explain his reasoning. GL and keep us updated on your situation. Goldfish, from my knowledge, when a woman who is pregnant gets GD then they are at risk to have a larger baby but the baby's develpment is still usually the same as if mom didn't have gd but more risks are at stake. Big baby for one and getting baby in the world with out interupting the final stages of develpment. Usually GD is just monitored very closely but sometimes the docs have to go to the extent to control the patients gd with medication. I had a friend who just watched her diet and monitored her sugar levels. Again it does result in having a bigger baby and/or your baby being born with a low blood sugar level or jaundice. I hope that helps. Good luck.


utopia8302 - February 20

Thanks girls for responding. I was icm dilated, and 50% efaced at my last apt at 35 weeks, which is nothing. i was hoping for 4cm! With my first pregnancy, i had GD and it was just diet controlled. THIS one, is totally different. I am on insulin 4Xday, and it is under control. Every week they have to increase my dose, which is normal though as the baby grows. My body feels that it is ready. I've been having BH since Xmas, and somedays have regular contractions 2 min apart for 4 hours at a time, but then will just stop. I have begged him just to induce me at 38 weeks, but his response is, "But sometimes the lungs arent developed enough at 38 weeks, it's not the standard of care" So, I'll try again tomorrow when I see him. He's been an awesome dr up until this point! I just dont understand why he wont induce me at 38 weeks! Thats considered full term!


jennifer_33106 - February 20

Actually 38 weeks is considered term and 40 full term. It sounds like to me that he really has the babies best interest in mind here. It wouldnt hurt anything in most cases for the baby to come at 38 weeks. I think that maybe he is being over protective and trying to think of the best way in his eyes to get the baby and you out safe and sound. I am looking at it from another point of view that is all. Most doctors agree that the longer the baby is in utero the better for the baby. Maybe that is his way of thinking. Either way, regardless of what he wants to do, this is YOUR body and ultimatly YOUR choice. He may not wanna induce you early but that does not mean that you can not try for a v____al birth even at 40 weeks. And also keep in mind that u/s can be off +/- a few pounds so just because they say oh this is a 7 lb baby it may be only 6 or maybe at the other end of 9 lbs. U/s can and are alot of the times off. I hope you can talk your doc into it. GL and keep up posted!


MommyAzure - February 20

I had the same thing my first pregnancy! When GD babies are big and they come out vag. they get stuck because their shoulders are much bigger than other babies. I had a C-section and had a great birth, everything went great and no tearing or labor pains. I was back to having s_x again after six weeks and got prego again. I'm due in three weeks and they tell me this ones big too but my first ended up only being 7lbs.11oz. They said she'd be 10 pounds. The C-section is to protect the baby. If he/she gets stuck in there they only have three minutes to open you up for a c/s before there is bad complications. When you try to deliver them vag they sometimes have to break the clavicle or other bones to get them out. My diabetes doctor was real up-front about all the risks and I agreed to have the C/S at 39 weeks and Im so glad I did. Before 39 weeks GD babies' lungs are not fully ready. I had an amnio to test the lungs the day before my C/S and they were fully ready but when she came out she still had to go home with a monitor, she would stop breathing on us. I hope this helps you I'm not trying to be nosey but I freaked out too when they told me all this too but looking back I'm SO glad I had it they way I did. Take Care and good luck!


cors1wfe - February 20

I think one of the reasons the doctor doesn't want to induce is that although large babies are born everyday - I delivered a 9 lb 4 oz baby v____ally - they are concerned with shoulders possibly getting stuck in the birthing ca___l - let me a__sure you your doctor isn't trying to deprive you of a v____al birth he is truly thinking of you and the baby's best interests - sometimes a really large babies can have complications during delivery resulting in emergency c-section. do some research before you insist on a v____al delivery - post on other threads and get some veteran moms stories before you decide


tryin44 - February 20

I have delivered four kids v____ally. My first was 10lbs2oz. I was told my us he was about 8.5lbs. My other three were right around 9lbs. They were taken two weeks early. I will say those ultra sound measurments can be off either way. My sister was told to gear up for at least a 10lber and her baby ended up weighing 7lbs. My other friend just had a baby last week and she was freaking out because the us said 11lbs. Her baby weighed 7lbs 14 oz. The only thing I can think of is that all the babies were longer at about 21.5 inches. Maybe that makes it seam bigger on the weight side. All will be fine. Remember even though a baby is big that doesn't mean its lungs are ready. Also a large baby needs better lungs to breath because of size. My 10lber was born on his dd and he was too big for his lungs so to speak so he needed help for 7 days inicu. Be patient and all will work out.


mjvdec01 - February 20

You said that the reason the OB gave for not inducing at 38 weeks was the lack of lung maturity. Why doesn't he just give you the steriod shot for the baby's lungs and get that concern out of the way? My understanding is that it only takes 4 hours to take affect. I would like to hear what he says about that.



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