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mstcr1 - March 25

Doc just refered me to a perinatal specialist after telling me that I have gest. diabetes (my glucose on the 3hr test high was 207!!). I go for a special ultrasound to measure the baby and determine if I need insulin. I am a little freaked out !! Anyone else that has had to deal with this please let me know what I can expect - early induction or c-section or what??


goldfish - March 25

i can relate to what you are feeling right now. I got a shock too when i heard about it. Well there is only so much u can do eat well as ur dieticaian's plan. exercise if u can and are allowed to do and your sugar will be under control. Having GD has got nothing to do with what kind of delivery u will be having u cant tell about that from now . 207 isnt too high at all. my level was 218 which was not too high too they told me. insulin will not be given to you for your level as of now. I have controlled my sugar with diet itself. they will give u a planned diet for 1 week and tell u to come back. i was worried abt taking insulin too but have been lucky so far and avoided it. but my sugar behaves very weird in the morning (fasting ) so they have put me on glyberide .good luck


julie2007 - March 25

hi guys - i am going for my 3 hour test on friday (not looking forward to it, as i didn't like the50mg of glucola so i can't imagine 100mg on an empty stomach this time will be any better!) - but i was told that if i do fail this one too i have to get a special diet, take my blood 4x a day for insulin checks and try to up my exercise level (which incidentally they have me on a reduced exercise level due to placenta previa!) so i'll cross that bridge when it gets here. . . . but anyhow, i was told that with GD you are more likely to have a larger baby which could mean an induction (a little before your due date) vs. natural labour, and if the baby gets too big then it would mean a c section (although with my placenta previa i ahve no choice on the C). how many weeks are you guys? ------- i'd say to try to walk / exercise more if you are allowed, and simply watch what you are consuming (my OB took "juice" out of my diet and said for OJ in the morning i can mix it 50-50 with water or seltzer). . . . . . .also i was sick ( sinus infection) while i took the 1st test - and have been told that may have contributed to the higher number, anybody else hear anything like that or were you ill at all? ---- good luck~


gabby509 - March 25

Hi Ladies, I also have to take my 3 hour screening on Friday. I was told by my nurse that I will most likely be positive with the 3 hour test because I fasted before the 1 hour test and my numbers were still high. My mom is a dietician and has alraedy come up with a specialized diet plan for me, even if the 3 hour test comes back negative. She has me eating less carbs, less juice, and more protein and fiber. I also heard that GD can cause a larger baby and can result in an induction if the baby becomes too large. But the one good thing is that this is definitely not a lifelong thing for us or our little ones. My fiance is diabetic, he had juvenile diabetes type 1, and I see what he goes through everyday with the testing and the 4 or 5 insulin injections everyday, and I'm thankful that this will only be temporary. Good luck to all of you and happy and healthy rest of our pregnancies!


mgn - March 25

well, get this one.....i am 3 weeks from delivering my baby and took the 1 hr test around 7 months....failed it by like 1 point so had to take 3 hour....past it w flying colors. went for my 8 month checkup and doc told me she wants me to retake the 3 hr test! i looked at her like she was crazy. i got SO sick from it and almost pa__sed out. i told her no way. she said ok, then take the 1 hr. what the hell gives? i pa__sed the 3 hr?? why would she want me to do this again? and so close to delivery??? mstcr1, sorry to make this post about me. in answer to your question my cuz had GD and once she modified her diet all was well and she had a healthy baby girl. she never had to do insulin. just be VERY strict w your diet. no sugar, no juice, no white pasta, breads, etc. lots of whole grains. you shold be able to control it w diet.


newmomma32 - March 28

I just took my 3hr test today--I think I did good. the blood sample they took before the drink was really good, and this time I did not have a big headache after the drink, so maybe that is good too. how is everyone else doing on this? I am being really careful about sugar now...I was drinking loads of OJ and eating lotsa oranges before....not anymore!


mstcr1 - March 28

Well I guess I will see what happens when I go to the perinatal appointment. I was in the hosp the other day for monitoring and my blood sugar was only 85 and the nurse was saying that was getting too low - make up your minds !! I've just been watching the carbs I eat and the sweets so I guess so far that is the right way to go. Would be nice to get the special ultrasound & they say the baby is already too big and ready to be born now .. but that is wishful thinking ! =) Thank you guys for the rea__suing posts though !!!


mstcr1 - March 28

oh - and too mgn - why would she make you take the test again ??? that is really weird, i would protest too, that 3hr test is brutal !! =)


tndrlvn - March 28

hi mstcr1.......i had GD with my first born........dr. said i could have a 10lb daughter was born at 7lbs 2.6ou. i was supposed to be induced but she came a week early on her own....i was on incilin twice a day......and everything turned out great.......I hope all is ok with you......I"m not sure how they are measuring your sugar......i was at 10 on the first one hour test and was sent straight to the dietician.......they monitor you quite closely....i had to give weekly menus of what i ate and told them what my sugar levels were at each testing.....this way they can help you balance it better if you are to high in some spots and low in others.........I hope this helps you........good luck.....


julie2007 - March 28

hi girls - i got my 3 hour test moved to monday morning since i am still not feeling back to 100%. gabby - good luck today. let us know how it goes. . . MGN - not sure why they are testing you so late in the pregnancy - 3 wks before due date could be almsot the time you are ready to deilver if you go early!! but i can't imagine having to take it again - let us know how it goes. --- hope all is well with evryone and i hope that i pa__s the 3 hr test monday.


newmomma32 - April 1

I didn't get a phone call back about my 3hr test Friday morning, so I think all is good---phew~


gabby509 - April 1

Hey girls, I got my results from ym 3 hour test back and they were somewhat borderline but my doc said nothing to be extremely worried about. He said that I was a little under the limit for GD, so I should just limit my carb and sugar intake to avoid it coming on later in the pregnancy. I hope everyone else did ok as well.


newmomma32 - April 3

yey---my 3hr test came out good--I am being very careful about sugars now. SO I am relieved. I have a bladder infection tho---ah well!


mstcr1 - April 4

Well now not only do I need to see a perinatal specialist, I need to go to the hospital every week for a non-stress test !! I find out Tuesday how much she weighs and about when they might need to take her .. she feels about 10 pounds already if you ask me !!



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