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kendall - November 19

today i went for my 3 hr glucose testing and i was wondering how many of you have had to do it? and if so did you change your diet?i love sweets and my b/f keeps giving me shit about giving the baby diabetes. help please.


Kristin - November 19

I had to do it too. I tested negative. I think it's pretty routine, so probably everyone at some point has to do the test. I was scared going in though, because my mom was telling me how awful it tasted when she was pregnant. But that's been a little while ago and it wasn't too bad. I'm not sure because since i tested negative I haven't really looked much into it, but I think it is something just the mother can develop shen she is pregnant. Not the baby. I'm sure a little research could tell you. Did you test positive??


kendall - November 19

on the one hour i tested negative my blood sugar was 148 but they want it between 65 and 139 so thats why i had to do the 3hr. i wont find out the results until wed at my doctors appt. thanks for the reply i just dont want to feel like a bad mom for having too much sugar


Maggie - November 19

Don't worry Kendall even if you have GD its not something you can give to your baby. Lay off the sweets until you know for sure if you have GD. If you do have it then follow your diet to the letter, and you will be fine. When you deliver the baby you will no longer be diabetic. Are you measuring big?


kendall - November 19

no not at all the doc thinks that i'm groing right for my height and pre pregnancy weight. 5'8 and 158lbs i now weight 179 at 27 weeks


Lynn - November 20

I have GD. I wasn't mesuring big or anything, just failed my one hour and then again my three hour. I am a candy-a-holic also, but the diet really isn't that bad. You can eat whatever-just in moderation and spacing it apart.


maggie - November 20

Kendall, I asked if you were measuring big b/c my sister-in-law had GD, and had a 13lb. 7oz. baby. Thank God he was healthy, he was just huge. My doc also told mr not to eat anything sugary for at least 3 hours before thetest b/c it could affect the results. 5 years ago with my son I failed the one hour, but pa__sed the three hour. I drank lemonade like it was going out of style, and I probably drank a liter of it right before the one hour test, so I think thats why I failed it the first time.


Beth B - November 20

I failed the one hour (got 177) but pa__sed the three hour. They did say that one (out of four) draws was high so they want me to cut back on sugar. Its just to watch the weight of the baby too. good luck



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