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soon2bmommy - July 8

I took the 1 hour test and failed and now I have to take the 3 hour test. Have any of you had to take the 3 hour test and what were your results. And if you have gestational diabetes how are you doing??


ThePezChick - July 8

I'm taking the test Friday; however, 2 women in my childbirth cla__s failed the hour-long one and pa__sed the 3-hour long one. Wish I could help more, but I haven't been through it yet.


Jen - July 9

They had me do a 1 hr at 18 weeks because there was sugar in my urine. My 1 hr number was 132 (when they like to see 130 or below). I went on to a 3 hr a few days later and had 2 abnormal numbers (out of 4) so they said I have GD. I am now 28 weeks and have been on a diet for a while now. Luckily, I have not been put on insulin. I do have to check my blood sugar four times a day though and that has become annoying.


jas - July 10

Other then finger sticks to check your levels, GD can be controlled by diet and exercise. Been there, done that :) My son is 3 months old and was born a week early (I was 39 weeks preg) by induction. He was 8 lbs even. The GD went away as soon as the placenta was delivered and I am eating normally. My little one is normal and healthy. Although the diet is a pain (gotta watch those carbs!) and the finger stick was more of a pain, it was all for a good cause and didn't last forever. There used to be a GD thread on the complications forum that had a lot of info.


Patti - July 10

I failed the 1 hr. test w/ a 172 (needed to be under 140). I just did the 3 hr. test last week and pa__sed easily. I'm finding it's not uncommon the fail the 1 hr (even though I've pa__sed it in the past.) I hope it turns out fine for you too!


soon2bmommy - July 10

Thanks ladies I am just a little nervous as I do not want to have a huge baby!!


missusfrench - July 10

I failed the 1 hour test as well. I was a staggering 295. My doctor said that it was so high there was no point taking the 3 hour test as they were sure I would fail. I am doing fine with my diet and test my blood sugar 4 times a day. Just watch for the carbs. I find that having 2 slices of bread at a time is too much for me for example. I completely avoid pasta, rice and potatoes. I eat tons of salads and vegetables and meat. As a treat, Breyer's carb smart ice cream is a blessing ! I eat it every day.


KLT - July 10

Does anyone know the purpose of them having you carb load before the 3 hour test?? I mean, wouldn't that shock your system and cause you to fail?? But what do I know...i'm not a doctor. I did as they asked and took my 3 hour test today... hopefully all is well. : )


soon2bmommy - July 11

KLT-thats funny that they had you carb load mine was the opposite I was told not to eat anything with sugar or carbs so yesterday all I could eat was meat, lettuce, tommato, and cuc_mber.... I am anxious about getting my results. What about you??


AmyF - July 11

I agree- it doesn't make sense, KLT. Carbs turn into sugar. I would think less carbs and sugars as a rule?


Mingill - July 11

Greetings all, I have gestational diabetes and I'm doing great. I feel great and the diet has me eating healthier than ever, plus I exercise more. My last 2 apts. I've actually lost weight, but the doctor isn't concerned, they say it's probably the whole change in diet. I was put on insulin 3 weeks ago because diet alone was not controlling my blood sugar in the morning. I was terrified of needles, but I seem to have gotten over that phobia pretty fast. It's really not so bad, I mean I'd love to have a hot fudge sundae right now, but I'll settle for my sugar free ice cream bars. And keep in mind, it's caused by the placenta interfering with your body's use of insulin, once you have baby and deliver the placenta, it goes away. Gestational diabetes is not forever, it's only temporary. Now, to be realistic, in all the women diagnosed, 10% continue to have diabetes after the baby is born, but there's still 90% who are fine. So ladies, don't stress about the test, sure if you fail it means changing the way you eat for a little bit, but in the end it all won't matter once your baby is born. That's how I get buy, when I really want a cheese burger, I stop and think about my baby, and then I make the healthy choice for both of us. Hope this helps and if you have anymore questions, just ask. Best of luck with your tests ladies, hope you all pa__s : o)


Mingill - July 11

Missusfrench, try Skinny cow, they have fudge ice cream bars that are sweetened with Splenda. They are easy to fit into the diet. And try switching to wholewheat pasta and bread. The fibre slows down the whole process of converting the carbs to sugar, so you're sugars shouldn't spike as much. Also brown rice does the same thing. Of course, keep limiting the amount of carbs, but you don't need to avoid them completely. Oh, speaking of blood sugars, it's time to test mine.


soon2bmommy - July 11

Wow- Mingill sounds like a lot to do.. I am just anxious about the results and it seems like the time is going by so SLOW!! How far along were you when you found out you had GD?


Mingill - July 11

I found out mid-June, I was 28 weeks. I have a huge family history of diabetes, plus I'm overweight combined with other risk factors, it was really just a matter of time. I was hoping to avoid g/d altogether, but it's not so bad to deal with. Like I said the diet takes getting used to, I'm supposed to eat every 2 -3 hours and not go longer than 10 hours without food at night. It's to help make sure my sugars stay level throughout the day. But for a girl who was used to skipping breakfast and having dinner at 11 pm, it was a big adjustment. That and I can't eat what I want whenever I want it, but I have a list of all the food I want after baby gets here. Topping the list is a Dairy Queen Blizzard, followed by Creme Brulee and a wopping big greasy cheeseburger with fries...LOL I'll have to stagger them, because I'll need to be tested 6 weeks after baby is born to make sure everything is back to normal and the diabetes is gone. Less than 9 weeks to go, I can't wait ; o)


Mingill - July 11

Whoops, that was 27 weeks when they diagnosed me. I did the test on a tuesday, my doctor called me the next day and I was into the diabetes clinic by Thursday (sounds like the Johnny Cash song, "on a monday...") So I didn't have to wait too long, but maybe no news is good news for you. Try to keep your mind off of it, I know easier said than done, good luck.


missusfrench - July 11

HI mingill, Thanks for the advise. Breyer's carb smart Ice cream is also sweetened with splenda and only has 4gr of net carb per helping. I've already switched to sugar free whole grain bread and my body will not tolerate potatoes or rice at all for the moment. It might have something to do with the fact that I'm normally glucose intolerant or that my results were so high when I did the test. Who knows. Oh well, whatever works.....


missusfrench - July 11

OOPS. Forgot to mention that even with the sugar free whole grain bread, my body does not seem to be able to tolerate more than a slice at a time. Oh well, I just make myself half a sandwich with an enormous salad as a lunch. It fills me up quite nicely.



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