Gestational Diabetes Anyone

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reblurich - October 22

I just found out the other day that my sugar is very high. I had to go do the 3 hour testing and get poked and proded. yeah. I felt like a pin cushion after I left. I have diabetes on both sides of my family. You really don't realize what is out there that you are really not supposed to each until something like this happens. I am not looking forward to the holidays now, because I always do a cookie bake with friends. Anyone else have gestational diabetes? I want to make sure i am good so neither my baby boy nor myself will end up with type 2 diabetes. how do you cope?


foxxy mommy - October 22

oh sweetie, i feel your pain!! sometimes when i cant take it anymore, i eat sugar free candies. really not supposed to but ive noticed that they dont hurt my sugar levels that much! no one is bringing me flowers or balloons to the hospital! i made sure it was ok with my diet_tian that i have sweets like the second baby is born and she said yes as long as i dont overdo it! so all those flowers and stuffed animals are gonna be in my belly! i cant wait for some cholcolate milk! the main thing that has been getting on my nerves, and youll notice this as time progresses is that i have little dots on the tips of my fingers and im scared that they wont go away. so if i have any advice for you it would be to set your meter as high as you can take it and use every finger. see, i only set mine at 2 because my ring and middle fingers bleed well, but now they are the only fingers i use, if i could do it again i would set the meter at 3 or 4 and be able to use my index and thumb. it would lessen these little annoying dots. well, if you have any other ?'s feel free and good luck! xoxo -christy


jenna32 - October 22

are you exercising? i don't have gd but i read somewhere exercise can help bring your sugar level down. i thought i'd of had it because apparently other people in my family when pregnant were told to watch their sugar,plus half the time i am not the most healthy eater although i try!


reblurich - October 22

I know maybe I am whinning. i just informed my daughter and husband no christmas cookies this year and you would have thought i told them the family dog had died. They think I am torturing them. I do exercise. Not as much as i would like. I walk with my team at work.


HeavenisMine - October 23

I have GD, and yes it is painful, but I learned you can still enjoy some things but in such moderation I wonder if it is even worth it. I have managed to keep my levels under 100 after most meals it works. My mom had it when she was pregnant with me, and my dad has type 2, so I guess that doesn't help. I feel your pain. I would give anything to be able to ravage a cake....only four more weeks till I am due....hope I can do this...


Pipa - October 23

The first two or three weeks are the toughest as you get used to the menu plan but after that it gets pretty routine. I'm just now hitting my last week and getting really bad cravings but managing them by telling myself it's almost over and using things like diet hot cocoa to hit my sweet tooth. It helps to have someone doing with it, my hubby did for the most part. You can also use this as an opportunity to teach your kids about healthy, well-balanced eating and how sweets are great on special occa__ssions. I don't think I would deny them Christmas cookies, though that seems kinda rough since they're okay! he he! I know how you feel though, at first I thought I'd strangle anyone who came near me with sweets! Good luck and just keep thinking, it's for a good reason. The one big advantage for me was that my weight gain stopped and now I'm about to deliver (this Fri) and have only gained about 20 lbs maybe just under.


cfuller - October 23

How can you tell if you have GD before they even take the test to find out if you have it? Are there any symptoms or signs that you had it? Does it have anything to do with family history? The only person in my family who has diabetes is my cousin and she got it when she was 13. I really don't want to get it so please let me know if there is a way to tell you have GD before you take the test. Thanks


HeavenisMine - October 23

I noticed around 24 weeks I started feeling dizzy after large starchy meals, and got kind of nauseous and weak. I got the famous cotton mouth every morning and would just feel so thirsty. That could all be pregnancy related too, but I didn't start feeling that until after my 24th week. I did my first glucose test at 28 weeks, which tested positive for GD and did my second at 30 weeks I believe, which also did. So.......that is what it was like for me, some women I hear have no symptoms of it before they find out. I know after I drank the glucose solution each time I felt super dizzy and weak.


Pipa - October 23

The way I might have known before was by the crazy change in my appet_te, I was eating the wrong stuff and burning through it way too fast. Also, I was predisposed b/c I had hypoglycemia before pregnancy.


mrstj - October 29

Ladies...I am 30 weeks 4days and I got the results of my 3 hour test back 3 weeks ago. I met with the dietician last Tuesday so I've been checking my blood and living by the "meal plan" for one full week. I eat what they tell me, limiting my carbs to 30g per meal and my laverage evels are still 5-10 points higher than the limit. My fasting level is suppose to be below 90 and my 1 hour test after meals is suppose to be below 130. I meet with the dietician again today so we'll see what they want to do with my #'s. I am looking at this as a blessing, because I am eating so well now, which has stopped my weight gain. I have only gained one pound in 3 weeks. Anybody here going full term? I am hoping to deliver around 38 weeks so this baby doesn't get too big....I'm just hoping everything goes smoothly from here on out.



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