Gestational Diabetes Question

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Traci76 - June 11

For those that are familiar with checking your glucose levels.... I know I have to check 2 hours after a meal. However, I didn't get back home today to check until about 2 hours, 45 minutes after the meal. Not a big deal, but now I'm super curious about the thing I ate, whether it was a good or bad choice. My levels at 2 hours, 45 minutes was 99. What does that mean though? Does it just not mean anything since it was too long?


jas - June 12

Tough call... I would think that at being 99 what you ate would have been ok at 2 hours. a__suming your target levels at 2 hours is 120 or less... I have done that many times! It's really not bad, the doctors are looking for constant high numbers, not one or two here and there. I ate out off base (I live in Japan) and my numbers would be borderline high. (122 after two hours, 105 three hours later)


Prissanna - June 12

I agree with jas. Itsounds like everything is OK. I don't even check mine after every meal anymore. Those strips are expensive and I pretty much know what makes my numbers soar. I have been getting a few higher ones here lately (4.5 weeks left) but I think alot of it is because I'm exhausted. I'm trying to rest more when I'm at home but it's so hard when I want to get things done before the baby gets here. My pharmacist told me not to worry until I got high numbers 5 days in a row every time I checked my levels. Of course, I still worry when I get a high one and have to remind myself what he said.


ChaycesMom - June 12

I dont want to sound stupid, but do all women with GD have big babies? I just had the 3hr test done on Fri and 2 of my levels were high, now I have to go see a nutritionist. I am nervous about it though. Will the baby have reg diabetes? It does run in my family, so I am just curious. Oh yeah does it go away after birth?


Mingill - June 12

Traci76, I'm not sure about the blood sugars, but it seems like whatever you ate was okay, but the 45 minutes could make all the difference. I wouldn't worry about it. ChaycesMom, I have to go for my 3 hour test this week. But from what I have read, if you manage your blood sugar levels and stick to what the nutrionist tells you, then you have a good chance of having a regular sized baby. Check out the link "Gestational Diabetes" beside the Answer box, I found it helpful (click on Diabetes Care, then gestational diabetes).


Prissanna - June 12

Chaycesmom, If you do what your Dr. and dietician tell you, more than likely you will not have a big baby. A friend that I met on the internet has GD and her baby weighed under 7 lbs. Most people I've read about on boards like these do have small babies if they stick to the diet. Right now mine is measuring small for my due date. I don't think there is a greater chance that your baby will have diabetes if you have GD. There is a greater chance that you will develop it later on in life though. I think I've read that the chance is 50/50 so after the baby is born, I would still try to eat right and exercise to keep that chance down. When do you meet with your dietician? Go ahead and write down all the questions you come up with between now and then and make sure he/she answers them for you. It's really not as hard as you are thinking.


Traci76 - June 12

Thanks for answering! I know it's not an absolute must to check it every time, but when I'm eating something new, I like to so I can see the results of the meal. I love it when my numbers are GREAT after a meal. It's wonderful motivation! :)



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