Gestational Diabetes Test Next Week Info Please

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ThePezChick - July 7

Just wondering what to expect and what I should do in preparation for it. My doctor basically said, "Don't go out and eat a bunch of ice cream beforehand." I usually eat Raisin Bran when I get up every morning. Is this a bad idea because of the sugar it contains. Any info, advice, or suggestions would be most appreciated!!!


piratesmermaid - July 7

Hmm, I'm trying to remember what I ate before my GD test. Honestly, I don't think it matters much, except when they check your urine, which is (for me) every visit. And a couple times they said I had sugar in my urine and asked what I had for breakfast/lunch (depending on what time of day my appt. was). When they did the GD test, it took an hour. I went into the lab where I was given this really sweet drink. It tasted like orange soda with extra sugar. After I choked that down, I had to wait an hour then they took my blood. That was it. I think I had raisin bran for breakfast that day, since it didn't have as much sugar as my frosted mini wheats. :) Or just make yourself eggs that day just in case, or a low sugar oatmeal.


Been There - July 7

I had eggs that day just to be sure I didn't have too much sugar to add to the test. I thought that orange drink was bland, but you have to drink it. It's better than the old brown stuff that tasted like terribly flat soda with no bubbles. Take something to read because they don't normally let you leave.


Twinkie - July 7

Hi Pez, I just had mine done today, my Dr. had said don't eat anything with sugar beforehand, and no food one hour before my appointment. So I just had scrambled eggs for breakfast (figured it wouldn't hurt for thr the Anemia test that was done at the same time) and just draknk water. They gave me an orange glucose drink, which I actually thought was pretty tasty, like a flat orange crush, it was good because I haven't had a soda in months .. only water and milk. Then I waited an hour (no drinking/eating/etc...) caught up on some magazines I had brought with me, and then after the hour they drew two vials of blood, one for the Diabetes Test, one for the Anemia. I will find out Monday what the results where, but really, it was a breeze. Just eat some protein for breakfast (I wouldn't eat Raisin Bran, my Dr. advised against it as too sugary because I usually have this in the AM) and take something to do with you for an hour : )


lexa - July 7

Well, I just went for mine last week. Mine was a little different, however, since I had a Fasting blood sugar test and then the 1 hour GTT. So I couldn't eat or drink anything past midnight the night before and my appt wasn't until 11am (sucked)! My fasting sugar came back great, but my sugar test came back high. I know my doctor asked what I ate the night before (my last meal:-( She asked about carbs and what fruits. So the carbs, melons and "apples" contain a lot of sugar. Maybe avoid these to be on the safe side. She said protein is good. Eat lots of cheese, peanut b___ter etc. I get retested in 3 weeks...wish me luck! Good luck to you! You'll be okay!


Erynn21 - July 7

The front desk at my doc. office told me not to eat anything, so I didn't, but they were wrong. I could have had something to eat, but I didn't. I had the one hour test and the orange drink made me gag, I am really sensitive to that much sugar 50 grams in 5min, YUCK. They made me watch a movie on giving birth so I sat there for an hour watching this movie to pa__s the time. I would warn you for me this made me feel really awful for about 2 days, my doc. said I must just be sensitve to the test. I had a headache and nausea, this is just a warning, it just made me feel like c___p. The other wierd thing w/ me is that I haven't wanted any sugary pop or anything remotely resembling that drink since. They drew my blood after an hour and sent me on my way. I hope you feel better after than I did. Good luck.


tryingx3 - July 7

I was able to get my "drink" before the test and get it really cool at home...then drank it one hour before the test - in the comfort of my home...had to tell them exactly what time I finished drinking my blood would be drawn 1 hr after. Instructions on the bottle say to fast (12 hours, I think) before test. I did that as my appointment was in the morning. However, was not told I HAD to fast. Was told the same, nothing "sugary" before the test. I didn't think drink was too bad, but of course, after fasting and just gettiing up, I was pretty thirsty! :-) Good luck!


Tanna - July 7

The one hour test, according to my Dr., can be with or without fasting. Doesn't really matter. I will tell you though that before my one hour test with my first one I too ate Raisin Bran and drank O.J. Too much sugar right there, and I of course failed it. This time around I fasted (unitentionally) and still failed the one hour. The three hour glucose tolerance test, which you will have to take if you fail the one hour, is for sure on a fast. I managed to pa__s that one this time some how.


lexa - July 7

Since I failed the one hour, but pa__sed the fasting, I am lucky enough to bypa__s the 3 hour test right now. For my next appt I have to eat as normal exactly 2 hours before my appt and they'll check it there. If I fail that one then I have to do the 3 hour. If I have to sit in that place for 3 hours, I swear I'll go nuts!!! Mine was done at a blood lab (boring). No tv, no radio only a few magazines. They were nice enough to tell me that I could go for a walk or sit in the cafe..just don't eat or drink. Um, it's been literally 17 hours since I last ate or drank. Could someone please explain why the heck I would sit in a cafe to watch people eat and drink???? Dumba**! Oh well. I would definitely try to avoid the carbs and fruit (whole fruit and juices) and stick with the protein for the test. Play it safe.


CaliTrish - July 12

ThePezChick, dunno if you already took your test, but for the 1-hr test, you don't have to do anything special. However, I would recommend not fasting more than 8 hours or eating carbs (sweets, fruit, bread, pasta, cereal, milk/yogurt, etc.) directly beforehand. If you need to eat, stick to protein and veggies. Good luck.


drea - July 12

I was told not to eat or drink anything (even water) after midnight on the night before the test.


afwife - July 13

my dr. gave me the drink at my previous appt. i took it home and kept it in the fridge. on the day of the test, i drank it and drove into the lab and had to tell them exactly what time i had finished drinking it. it was no biggie at all. people made such big deal out of it. it was actually pretty good..taste just like orange soda. and i didn't have to watch what i ate at all. but it might not be a bad idea to cut back on the sugar that day. it will give ya a little sugar buzz, but trust me, it's no biggie!!!!!!



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