Getting Angry Can They Keep Doing This

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babynumber2 - October 18

hi everyone. i was due october 9th with my second, and my doctor told me i was going to be induced on the 16th. On the 16th he called to confirm and the hospital said no, the induction had to be approved by the on-call OB. So the next day the 17th, i had to go in for a non stress test and the OB was going to approve my induction after she examined me. So i got all that done, and was told by the OB i would be induced that day. I waited in the hospital for 45 minutes for them to come back and say "We're too busy, we cant take you" so i got sent home. The monitor i was on was showing contractions too and they just kicked me right out. So they told me to call this morning and i would be admitted asap. I wake up at 7 am to get breakfast and my other daughter fed before i had to call and leave, so at 8:30 am i call and they said ONCE AGAIN, that they are too busy for me. I said fine, and they said they would call back before 4 pm (when BF went to work) to let me know when i can come in. Finally, at 3:45 pm i called them AGAIN very upset this time, and the nurse basically yelled at me and said "You will be called when we have room ma'am, we cant take you in just because you want to". Im getting angry now cause i was supposed to be induced the 16th, and now im 9 days past my due date, and they dont see that as a problem. Is there anythig i can or should do, like inform my doctor? i think this is very unfair for me because now i have to wait by my phone for them to call me, and my BF has to work, so i cant jump and go up there whenever they say so. Sorry this is so long, im just very upset with the way im being treated by the morons at my hospital


tish212 - October 18

oh sweetheart I can't even imagine u frustration. that's ridiculous and the nurse who answered the phone sounds like a complete b___h...sorry to be so blunt. is that the only hospital u can go to insuranse wise? I have no idea what u can do to get in otherwise since they seem to be so set in not taking the time to help u. I woul see if there is someone higher up at the hospital u can talk to... to at least complain about that nurse no pregnant woman should be spoken to that way...and if she is a nurse on the ld floor she should know I hope they call u...


AntsWife - October 18

Call your doctor. Make sure he knows what's going on and your concerns about going so far past your due date. My Dr. would be all over this in a heart beat and if he couldn't get me in, he would make sure I understood why and explain the risks/safety involved in waiting. Call him - and ignore the nurse- some people are just really unhappy in their jobs.


TiffanyRae - October 18

Wow if I were you I would be SOOO heated right now! I was also two weeks over due and it got to the point where I flipped out on them. I am usually a VERY calm person but I had had enough. Stick to your guns honey.....DEMAND what you want. You are the one who is in a very delicate way right now. It should be ALL about you! Good Luck and lots of good wishes for your labor also!


micorazon - October 18

Hi Baby...I can understand how frustrated you must be and Im sorry that you are going through this. I know this probably wont make you feel better but just so you dont take your experience too personally, it is standard practice that if the labor and delivery ward is really busy they wont take on inductions unless there is an emergency situation. If your non-stress test looked ok and they dont see anything wrong with the baby they can let you go to about two weeks late from what my doctor tells me. As much as you really want to have your baby, from what I understand you probably dont want to give birth when labor and delivery is really busy like that anyways (naturally or induced). You may not get the experience that you would like to have with the staff being completely busy and overwhelmed. I hope your BF's job has some flexibilty around him leaving for your labor never know you may go on your own at a random time where he would have to leave work anyways. I hope that it all works itself out soon.. try to stay calm. (easier said than done) will have your baby in your arms very soon.



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