Getting Baby Stuff Ready

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BabyGirl - January 23

Hey Girls. Im currently 26 weeks pregnant and just wondering when the rest of you are starting to get everything ready for the baby? When should i go through the bins of clothes for this baby that i have packed from ym last ? and wash them? And when to set the bassinett up , and baby swing etc.... Im excited but i dont want to go overboard with getting everything ready to early .


lmrod55 - January 23

I say do it when it feels right for you! We washed all the baby clothes when I was 35 weeks. Finally have the nursery complete at 37 weeks. We haven't set up the swing or co-sleeper, as we have a dd that is 2 years old and we know that she will "get into" it. So those two items will just wait until the baby comes home. good luck! - ld


Girl Gilly - January 23

I would go with what you feel comfortable with. I am almost 31 weeks and have been slowly picking stuff up over the last few months. I am buying as much as I can second hand so I check out the consignment stores regularly and pick up what I can. I do little things that keep my stress about getting ready down. I picked up nail clippers for the baby the other day which eased my mind. My husband thinks I am strange but I seem to find it less overwhelming if I pick stuff up gradually rather than all at once. I haven't washed any clothes yet as am waiting until closer to the time. I also do not have a dresser yet, so I have no where to store the clothes where they will stay clean ( we have a cat, whose hair seems to get everywhere!). My friend tried to buy everything all at once and was so completely overwhelmed by it that she just broke down into tears. I took her advice and have taken the step by step approach. It sounds like you already have a child so at least you won't have to buy too many new things!


JennyC - January 23

My husband went crazy at about 29 weeks and decided we needed all the essentials right then "just in case". So, we got the car seat, crib, and some diapers. There are still things out there on my "wish list" in case we have a shower or a mobile for the crib, some more burp clothes, etc. But if we had her now (I'm 32 weeks), we would have the stuff just in case. That's pretty early, but he was freaked out because my nephew was born at 24 weeks. Of course, if they're born that early, they spend a long time in the hospital, so you'll have time to get the essentials, but I don't think its too early to start researching what you want. And if you need to special order a crib, make sure you give yourself at least 4-6 weeks. I have gone through a bunch of hand-me-down baby clothes, but I haven't washed them yet, because I don't want to have to re-wash them in 2 months. I figure that around 36 weeks, I'll probably wash all the blankets and clothes. But its never to early to start planning!


JennyC - January 23

I forgot to say that at this point, because we have the house pretty much ready for her, I'm exteremely impatient about her coming. Time just creeps by. So that's about the only down side to getting ready early, that I can think of.


Samantha - January 23

All of my baby clothes, another stuffs (from my 1st) were in attic, and I took them out pretty early because I dont want to go upstairs while Im that BIG. I think I took them out 2 months ago. (Im 36 weeks now) If you are too excited, just go ahead and get ready! I got everything ready, and all I need is my baby!!! =)


:) - January 24

Im so exctied for my baby to arrive !!


jess - January 24

is 26 weeks to early to wash baby blankets and set the ba__sinett up ...that kinda stuff?



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