Getting Close So Nervous

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Woa is Me - December 22

Wow, it's starting to hit me... reality. Up until now I guess I figured pregnancy meant I was going to gain weight, get a ginormous belly, and when it was time they would hand over a precious healthy baby. But as I look down at my oddly shaped, lop-sided belly, I see a little (hand, foot, elbow, knee?) glide across and I'm realizing this is a real person inside me and he's going to have to come out sometime within the next 6 weeks! My doctor made me feel oh so warm and fuzzy inside when he told me "Your baby is pretty big, actually he's in the 95th percentile!" And to top things off, I have my parents who are strongly encouraging me to give birth naturally with out the assistance of any pain medicine. My belly is getting real heavy, my back is killing me, and I can't do any christmas shopping because my feet swell up everytime I leave the house. Anyone else feeling nervous about your upcoming blessings???


kerrie - December 22

hiya im not to nervous as this is my 4th baby but this pregnancy has been totaly differant than all the rest so im more anxious than anything , and im the same as u my babys going to be big (again) im 36+ wks and could have my baby at any time so the docs say anyway so i think that makes u that bit more nervous im on pins all the time i my self carnt do to much shopping or walking ethier i have a lot of pain in my pelvic and bac ,im also having irreguler contractions all the time to , and as for ur mum and dad telling u to do it without pain relief i think u should go in to it with ya eyes open cos it can get very very painful i would say it all depends on u if u can handle it u might surprise ur self, i had gas and air this all and pethadine with 2 so all u can do is try ur best and get through it the best u can and dont feel u carnt ask for more pain relief if u need it . theres is only one thing i stayed clear of and thats the epidural but thats only cos i could stand the thought of having somthing put in my back ,well i hope everything goes well for u and have a merry christmas .


Janet - December 22

My doctor also told me that my baby is big (the 95th percentile) I am 34 weeks and also getting nervous about delivery. Good luck!


Christine - December 22

Well I still have a little over 16 weeks to go...with my third and already can make myself nervous thinking about labor and delivery...(I try not get through it though..thats what I always come back to...Thank your parents for there input...and then throw it out...your mother did what she you do what is right for you...I had mine pretty natural...but was given I think demerol later just got to be too doesnt help with the pain but does help you sleep in between contractions...I too shy away from any sort of epidural...I just dont like the risks...not worth it to me...but I have friends who have had it and sat up playing scrabble during their labor..looked convincing let me tell ya...Its all up to you...just keep an open will be the one going through it...I hear that the gas is the best way to really doesnt help with the pain except that it helps you concentrate and breathe...from what I'm told...but it is also of the safest...good luck


Des - January 18

I had a epidural in Spokane WA. It was very nice. It hurt getting it but I was also getting cathider so I didn't want to go through the pain of that and the pain of an ephidural, good thing because it took them six trys with the cathider. I still felt the pain of the pushing contractions but I was able to control it much easier and push through the pain instead of scream. Best part is when they st_tched me up I didn't even know they were doing it.


Naomi - January 18

I had my first ( who is now 8 ) all Natural! I never felt them cut me for the epiesiotimy nor did i feel any thing they did down there, I had stadol with the 2nd (now 6) and that just helped me sleep through the mild part of the contractions ( which didn't last long). they had to push him back up to do the epiesiotimy, needless to say as far as i can remember, it wasn't all that bad just try to focus on something other than the fear and pain you are going through, with me i focused on the fact that the sooner i got it over with the sooneri would have the baby and the sooner i could get outta the hospital. with this one i am horrified only because it has been 6 years! I know it is like falling off a log but with the other 2 i could remember what to expect and all and now it is kinda vague! I am sure we will all make it through. I think i am gonna try to have this one all natural too. Good luck girls.



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