Getting Comfortable While Sleeping

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Nita_ - May 24

I've been getting pretty uncomfortable trying to fall asleep at night. And also to turn from one side to another, it's a nightmare! I have to have my DH help with the rolling! But even then, its still me who has to move my heavy bottom. It really also hurts to walk right after getting up. I'm 35 weeks, are any of you experiencing the same? Our bed is a pillow filled zone! I have 3 under my head, one between my legs(which keeps slipping off!) and one behind me. And even with all that I can't seem to fall asleep soon enough especially after my 3am 'pee' break!! It's one more month (or less) to go for me! sigh!


JessDT - May 24

i am having the same problem. i'm 34 weeks and 3 days and can't seem to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. i actually find i am more comfortable on the couch than in bed, the back of the couch helps for support. maybe try that? when are you due? i've really wanted to have someone to talk to durning this pregnancy that is at the same stage that i am. do you have msn? my email is [email protected] good luck getting some sleep!!


San - May 24

Oh yes, bed time is definately not my favorite time! I'm 36 weeks but it's been not fun for about 3 weeks now. I woke my poor hubby up at 2 this morning because I couldn't find my "leg" pillow. It'll all be over soon enought though!


krc - May 24

I am 30 weeks and sleep is miserable. I only sleep in 30 minute increments it seems. I toss and turn all night long which is a process in itself. Then I too can't just hop up out of bed, if I do all that sudden gravity kinda hurts so I sit up for a moment to adjust, then I slowly get up. I pee or need a snack atleast 3-5 times a night. And body pillows dont seem to make much a difference. It's all uncomfy no matter what.


dee23 - May 24

i am 32 wks and would proberbly sleep fine if i didnt have to wake up to my darling hubby grinding his teeth every 2 seconds (everytime he moves, and i move he grinds)...literally. i find that moving to the couch is no solution as i prefere to wake up while im being huged to getting woken up by a cat purring in my ear on the couch. mouth guards are so expensive here....poor boy, he is very aloligetic but im not working now so cant complain.


Nita_ - May 25

JessDT, there is june mommies thread where a bunch of us share our stories. You should join us! I'm due jun 26th, how about you? After reading your posts ladies, I feel better (misery loves company?). Last night was again the same story but this time our dog got up too at 3am and wanted to play fetch!! sigh!! And oh yeah, i wake up my dh for adjusting my pillow, for helping me roll or getting out of bed to go the bathroom! He hasn't complained yet! although I doubt he will caz I'm in so much pain with this huge belly!


miraclebaby - May 25

hi me too, along with everyone else. In addition my legs kill me at night they ache and I want to just lay and my stomach and stretch them out. I think I developed the rls(restless leg syn) its awful.. I wish I could take sleeping pills to help me sleep. It would be much easier. well ok happy thoughts to everyone.


Nora1 - May 25

I am going on 36 weeks now and am getting more and more uncomfortable at night. But I have also developed Carpal Tunnel over the past couple of weeks, so this adds to my discomfort ALOT! My arms/hands are always numb at night and ache to bend my fingers. Then I wake up and they hurt to get ready in the mornings! And my belly feels SOOO heavy to try to roll over now. I'm definitely ready for my baby to make his appearance! :) Good luck to you girls!


skn331 - May 25

I did not sleep for a week or so and I fianlly asked my doctor if I could take benadryl to help me sleep at night. He told me sure, I can take it every night if I need to. This has helped tremendously for me.


rachel_renee_20 - May 26

It's so funny that everyone's advise to a pregnant women especially a 1st time pregnant woman is to sleep now because once baby comes you won't get much sleep! LOL Im 36 weeks and sleeping almost doesnt exist not comfortably or for more than a 1 or less at a time. I roll around try not to wake my hubby because he's gotta work and get comfy and about the time I finally get comfy I have to pee again!


LL - May 26

miraclebaby, I also think I have developed RLS. My legs are always achy and they really bother me when I'm trying to get some sleep. I also have the same problem as everyone else with having to go to the bathroom constantly. I think last night I made 4 trips to pee. The funny thing about it is sometimes I get disoriented because I never turn the light on because then I'll be up for awhile for sure so the other night I'm walking back to bed from the bathroom and I walked right into the table in front of my bed and hit both of my knees. Hurt like hell and I don't know what was wrong with me because I know the table is there. I think I might have still been half asleep. Sometimes I about run into the wall as well, it’s crazy! I might try the Benadryl idea, thanks skn331!



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