Getting Impatient Anyone Else

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Brittany D. - February 17

Okay im 34 weeks pregnant now and it feels like the closer i get to 40 weeks the longer its taking!Does anyone else feel like time has just stopped?Is it true that first babies tend to be born late?I hope not because i want her to come now!and is it true that walking through out your pregnancy will help the baby come early?If so my baby is going to be LATE because i dont do ANYTHING


Kel - February 17

Ha Ha - I am right there with you. I am so tired, all I want to do is sit on the couch. I'm almost 34 weeks and I'm so ready for this baby to come out. Doctor said her head was down at my last appointment, so I'm praying that I am dialated or something at my next. I start going every week now, so that gives me a little light at the end of the tunnel. I still need to wash clothes and pack a bag, so after that she can come whenver. But I do feel like I have been pregnant forever.


Girl Gilly - February 17

Oh yeah, I am feeling it. I am sooo ready. Somewhere along this process I went from being incredibly scared of labour to I don't care I just want to have this baby.


Marlene - February 17

I'm there with you. I'm 35wks today and I'm so done being pregnant. I just think 40wks is a long time to have to wait for your baby. I am I want him to stay in there until he's ready but I'm just getting so uncomfortable. My last day of work is Tuesday so maybe that will make me feel like the end is closer.


Marlene - February 17

Sorry meant to say I mean I want-pregnancy brain


JennyC - February 17

yes, it is soooo time for this to get moving on to the next stage! We've been planning for this munchkin for so long, lets meet her already! I'm 35 weeks, so the end is in sight, but time is still creeping. I got to give my 2 weeks notice today, which was fun.


Kat - February 17

I just can't wait either. 40 whole weeks just seems so long! i'm 35 weeks tommorow and I feel like every week is just dragging past so slowly, it's like in 2 weeks i'm gonna be 37 weeks and still have 3 weeks to go! and this is my first baby, and i've been hearing all the usual stuff about first babies taking longer. Trust me if he goes past 40 weeks i'm gonna drag him out myself!


katie - February 17

I know how all of you feel! Im 36 weeks pregnant and it seems like time has stopped. The first 35 weeks seemed to fly by. I just want to see her already. I love being pregnant but im ready to have it over with. im not sure if its true that first babies are usually born late but i hope not. as for the walking it can make the labor go easier and you might push for less time but thats what i heard they could be just saying this to get us walking but i would much rather sit and do nothing.


redhead mary - February 17

IIm 36 weeks and 6 days.. almost 37 weeks..... errrr i never thought id get this far.. my first was actually born at 35 weeks so i was kinda hoping this one would be early too..... well tough luck on that mommy !!! I feel like im ready to EXPLODE... all the pains from ligaments( have musculoskeletal prob this whole pregnancy).. the heartburn now is so bad i can barely sleep between the pee breaks and the drinking milk to ease the burn ...I think i can only sleep 2 hours at a time if im lucky... Isnt it funny how the creator gets us ready to be up all night with our babies .....God bless being pregnant but god bless GETTING IT OVER WITH ....LOL


a bird - February 17

lol, absolutely. I'm at 31 weeks now, & the past week went slower than the past month of four weeks combined!



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