Getting Induced On The 3rd

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dedaa - January 23

I just found out today that I will be getting induced next week. I will be just about 39 weeks and my doctor said that since my dh is leaving to go away for a month that they will induce me before he leaves. I am so happy I had to share my excitiment. Thanks ladies!!!


tritty - January 24

i just saw your post and i wanted to say congrats! we'll be having our babies in the same week. my original due date was feb 8th and they're inducing me on jan 31st! I CAN'T WAIT. i hope we both have very positive birth stories to share but can you believe that next week we'll have our babies?!? AHHH!!! SO EXCITING!


CYNTHIABREU - January 24



dedaa - January 24

Hey Tritty that is awesome. Im actually due the 11th but dh is leaving to go away so the doctor offered me to be induced.I cant believe our babies will be in our arms next week. Im going to start sterilizing everything now well b___st pump and stuff like that. Its nice though to know im not going overdue. CYNTHIABREU- Thanks!! I dont mind getting pitocin I had it with my previous two as well and had very easy labors so not to worried i think im more scared of what labor would feel like without it.


KMo311 - January 24

hey congrats to you!!! i just got a date to induce on the 31st also. i was crossing my fingers to go on my own but, atleast i won't be waiting forever. my doctor did strip my membranes but i don't think that will do anything. it usually doesn't for me.


juju - January 25

thats cool, im getting induced on the 29th and scared and nervous at the same time, ne advice


Justine1 - January 25

Amanda - That's great you'll get to meet your baby soon - I hope everything goes really well.


Danielle26 - January 25

Congrats! I just found out yesterday that my Dr. will induce me at 39 weeks (I'm 36 w 2 days now)!!! I was induced with my first and I'm so excited! Pitocin wasn't bad at all for me, it was a really great birth experience. I also had a great epidural, too :) Good luck, and make sure you post you birth story when you feel up to it!



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