Getting Rid Of Baby Belly

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coco797 - December 19

I've been reading about postpartum belts and girdles. Has anyone tried any of them and do they actually help get rid of your baby belly faster? Or are they not worth the money? I am not planning on having a c-section, but I was looking into something to help get my body back into shape, or at least help hold it all in place. Oh, and for those of you who do recommend using something, what did you use? What works best?


jennifer_33106 - December 19

I will wear one because I want to look as slim as possible and I dont want rolls hanging out. haha I have heard they help though!


coco797 - December 19

I've also heard that those slimming panties work since they're made to hold in oyur hips and belly. anyone else heard this?


evae777 - December 19

I have heard the same thing that if you wear things that are fitted it will help a little with shrinking back to size & the belts help because it prevents further stretching while your belly, etc is getting back to it's usual form. I don't know how true it is, but it seems to make a little sense doesnt it??


AmberNicole - December 19

My dd is 11 days old, and my belly is almost all gone. I'm pretty small, normally, but I think all the girdle or belts will do is hide it, but I wouldn't think it would help it to go away? I have a little bit of a roll, and thought about something to hide that for New Years.


coco797 - December 19

11 days! lucky girl!!


cfuller - December 19

I have heard they work woderfully and I plan on using one. I actually got mine in the mail last week and i'm looking forward to when i can wear it to help slim myself down faster. I ordered it from JCPenney online. It was $20 bucks and they call it the medela postpartum support girdle/belt. It's supposed to help settle your organs back where they were originally instead of settling out which causes women to have that pooch that never will go away no matter how much diet and excercise you do. I haven't heard a bad thing about it yet so i'm hoping it works as well for me as it did for everyone else! :-)


coco797 - December 20

For those of you who plan on using one, when will you start wearing it? Right after you give birth?


evae777 - December 20

silly question but is the postpartum support belt the same as the regular support belt you wear when you are pregnant? I currently just have the regular support belt...


evae777 - December 20

Also, is it used for those that give a natural birth as well as a C-section?


coco797 - December 20

evae-the postpartum belts are wide and cover your tummy, not like the maternity belts that go under it. Not sure if it's supposed to be for c-sections only, but I've heard some people that wore one after giving birth naturally and it supposedly helped to shrink them back to their regular size. I guess it kind of helped by holding everything in.


cfuller - December 20

the postpartum support girdles can be used after a natural birth AND after a c-section. You can start wearing them immediately after giving birth and I think the recommended time for you to wear them is about 2 months. Obviously, take them off when you are in the shower/bath but keep them on the rest of the time lol



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