Getting So Impatient

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Lu - January 2

I have 6 weeks left, but I am so impatient to have this baby....I wish the weeks would go faster! People tell me to enjoy this time but it is hard when I can think about it holding my baby, getting back into shape, being able to do all the things I have not been able to do because of pregnancy...etc...


LM - January 2

LU, I'm in the same boat, seven weeks left here. Time does seem to be slowly down, it seems so far off until I hold my little boy in my arms. Getting back into shape is a biggie for me also, I've looked at several Jogging strollers however I've decided to purchase the stroller after the baby is born. Hang in there!


Lu - January 2

I want to get a stroller too. Thankfully my mom has offered to buy it for me and she has been doing a lot of research on consumer reports to see which is the best one out there! I am glad I am not the only one feeling like time is dragging.


shelly - January 3

Hi Lu, when are you due? You sound about the same as me, I'm due Feb 12th. I am sooo ready!!! Are you still working? How've you been feeling?


Lm - January 3

Lu, what has your mom come up with the best stroller? Half the reason I'm waiting to buy one is there seems to be so many different opinions on what the best stroller is. I know it will get a lot of use so I want to get the safest equipment possible.


JennyC - January 3

Strollers!! there are so many and its sooo overwhelming! I went to Babies R Us this weekend to check them out and ended up crying because there were so many and I couldn't open or close them (ok, it was just hormones, but it still stinks). Anyways, please do let us know if you come up with anything. I have decided to wait until after the baby's born too (Due March 22) to buy one to see what kind I really want. good luck with the waiting. I started getting really impatient since we started talking about buying all the baby stuff. Now I want to try it out!



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