Getting Up

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jenna32 - October 12

anyone having trouble standing up from like sitting on the couch or trouble putting your pants on? sometimes i wish someone was always there so they could just pull me up off the couch or put my pants on for me,lol. just wondering if anyone else is going through trouble standing and bending.


inuk-mama - October 12

lol thats me cant get up and cant get dressed!!i can barely even change my sons diapers b/c i cant bend!! I don't know what i'll do next week when I take mat leave and have him home with me all day!!! and pants are waay too uncomfortable so I have one pai and i am going to be wearing them, nighties and dresses for the res of this pregnancy!! jenna how far along r u? i am 35 weeks today!


tish212 - October 12

I'm not as far ..but I can't get up either without a lot of effort and the occasional whimper to get dh to help me up...and laying down well that's another story haven't gained much weight about 7lbs... but the dr says weight from my body has shifted to my stomach so I'm just not used to this large stomach sitting in my way...does anyone else find sitting uncomfortable because of pressure on ur stomach...if my stoch hits my legs the pressure upwards is horribly I have to sit very unlady like lol with my legs wide apart to make room for my stomach...please tell me I'm not alone on that on lol....


HeavenisMine - October 12

My honey has to help me up whenever I try, and I sit to pull my pants on. I imagine anyone who watched me trying to sit up or roll over in bed would crack up. It sounds like I am trying to take a dump.:)


AntsWife - October 12

I am totally having the same problem. 33 weeks now and I feel like I can hardly move. THis morning I had DH help me get my socks on because I couldn't bend. This afternoon I dropped a CD on the floor at work and decided to work on something else as it wasn't worth the effort to pick up. My pants are becoming more and more uncomfortable, my belly is getting bigger and the litle guy keeps me up at night. I just keep telling myself- 7 weeks left...7weeks left... And I know it's all worth it so that makes it better too!


HeavenisMine - October 12

Oh and as far as pants go. Sweatpants, pyjama pants, that is ALL!


WP - October 12

I'm 41 weeks and I can barely function anymore. I took my 2-year-old swimming yesterday, and I was panting so hard putting his clothes on a couple of women asked me if I was alright! I do a lot of rolling off of things, like the bed/couch. Also, a friend of mine gave me an ugly-as-hell pair of satin pyjamas for Christmas last year that I threw in the back of my closet, but I have found them very useful lately for sliding around and getting into position. None of my clothes fit comfortably anymore either. I'm pretty close to cutting a hole in a sheet and wearing that!


jenna32 - October 12

lol, everyones stories here are a good laugh. heaven, i am the same way sweat pants and pj pants,nothing else! lol. inuk i am 34 weeks in a few hours now . To pick things up i try to remember to bend with my knees instead like they said in the second trimester i think it was actually for round ligament pain or something.



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