Gift For The Daddy

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jb - January 30

I know a while back someone asked for gift ideas for the new Daddy. Do any of you have any suggestions? I want a gift for my DH to be something he can have for a while. Nothing like a cigar. A picture frame for at work is out since he is on his feet all day. We are having a little girl and I want it ot be something special for him and her. Maybe t-shirt for him with a matching onesie or something? Any website suggestions? I don't know!!!! Help!!!!


JennyC - January 30

Because of that post, I have decided to get him something too. I'm slowly putting together a gift bag of goodies for him while we're in the hospital. I put a few of his favorite candy bars and a Dr. Pepper in there. Also, a hand-held poker game. I think i'll try to find some pink candy cigars. And i'm looking for a little book about "Daddy loves me" or "Daddy and his girl" or something like that to add to it. That way he can have something that's special for the two of them. I was trying to think of a good toy that would follow his interests, like a golf club, or tractor, or soccor ball, or something he could use play with her that would correspond to what he likes. I haven't figured that one out yet. Anyways, I think I'm going to wrap each thing up individually and put it in a stapled bag that says something like :"Do not open until the hospital". I figured him openning each one would be a good distraction from the contractions for both us. hope that's helpful to give you some ideas!


Love iT! - January 30

Hey, I love the idea of having a gift for daddy! I'm planning to pack an overnight bag for him for the hospital, but hadn't thought of a gift for him. I bought him a bib for his stocking at Christmas that says... "I love my daddy" and he got all teary eyed. As for books, I can suggest "Just me and my Dad" - by Mercer Meyer. Very nice, very cute. I also love the idea of chocolate cigars! I think tomorrow I"ll head to the Laura Secords at the mall and purchase a bunch of them! If I think of something original... I'll add it to the post... incase others are interested. Thanks for the idea!


Mary - January 30

I don't think it's fair that the Daddy gets a gift. After all, we are carring his child for 9 months. Thats totally taking care of his child while we go through all of the pregnancy aches and pains and discomforts. Then WE are the ones bringing his child into the world. All that work, I think that is gift enough for him--bringing his child into the world for him. My DH understands that. As for all the cute Daddy gifts, I think its adorable but we can gets those cute toys and books anyway.


jb - January 30's not a contest to me as to who gets gifts. I wanted to do something nice for my DH because I love him and I WANT to do this. Just as I don't expect a gift from him, he doesn't expect one from me. We decided to have a child and I just happen to be the one that carrys the baby for 9+months. All the aches and pains I have gone through in this pregnancy are physical. DH goes through aches and pains too. His are just mental ones (preparing for life changing things, financially, socially, etc). I guess it is just the softer side of some of us that want to do something for they great men in their lives.


Kel - January 31

I think a gift for Daddy is a great idea, the poor guy had to deal with me and my hormones for 9 months...its the least I could do....he he!! If I think of any good ideas, I will post!



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