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Danielle - July 21

What do you ladies think about the name Kamrie? I actually made up the name. My mother's middle name is Kay and my middle name is Marie so I just put them together. Everytime I tell someone the name hey are like..."you mean like the car?" So I just want so honest opions. Do you think it is too much?


s - July 21

I think Kamrie is a beautiful name...very different.


lisa - July 21

to be honest it doesnt flow that well, its a nice idea as to where to get the name from though, any other ideas? Ive chosen nisha for a girl as my husband is asian, middle name eileen after my grandma, who was very special and tat was her middle name, lisa


MichelleB - July 21

I like the name Kamrie....I think that it flows, but she may end up being called Kam, which is OK too! Kamrie Michelle! I like it! Our boys name will be Kiev, and I have thought about the flow thing too....i tried yelling it...Kiev....and I didnt stumble, so I think its OK!


Maggie - July 21

I think its wonderful how you are incorporating the names in your family to name your daughter. I do think however Kamrie as a first name will leave her open to ridicule, not so much when she is younger but when she is older. Have you thought about switching the positions of the name to Michelle Kamrie? I think it flows nice either way, but you may be saving her some rough times in the future by making Michelle her first name. Good Luck to you!


Jennifer - July 21

I think it's okay to see what other people think of the name you have chosen but you should not base their opinion at all on what you end up choosing. We are naming our son Slate Romeo...of course we've gotten weird looks and remarks and at first it made me think twice but apparently its the name we wanted to choose so why change it for someone else? Im just saying get opinions but choose the name you really want. By the way I love the name you have chosen. :)


Jess - July 22

I like it I'm having a girl and her name is Kallie Roya. We got Roya from his grandfather who pa__sed away in March. We just Added the A at the end his name was Roy.


Narthax - July 23

I think that Kamrie is a wonderful name. no matter what you name your child he or she may be teased at some point in time. the trick is to instill in your child the self confidince to not care. we're naming our daughter Madelyn Quyhn and i expect to hear about the dr quinn jokes at some point in time


justme - July 26

I agree with Narthax. It doesn't matter what you name your baby they will get teased at some point in time anyway. I named my daughter India, and kids still find a reason to tease her. Heck her own sister teases her and I think she is so cute. But that is my personal opinion. She looks like a little doll baby to me. But anyway, name your baby what you want, that is your child, its okay to get opinions but just keep in mind they don't have to live with you or your baby. Kamrie Michelle is pretty and it flows nicely. Good luck



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