Given The Option Would You Chose To Be Induced

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meg - June 2

Ok, so I am 37 weeks pg. w/ baby number 2. With my first lo I was scheduled to be induced after my due date, but my water broke a few days earlier. This time around, my dr. said that they would schedule me to be induced up to one week before my due date if I would like...that way I could definitley have my dr. deliver me. Unless medically necessary, I'm not a big fan of being induced...unless it's after my due date. I like the spontaniety of it all. As long as my baby is healthy, I don't think that I see a reason for it. I told this to my dr., & he said that was perfectly fine. I'm just wondering what other people think. Would you opt to be induced...just because? Thanks for the input!


fefer1 - June 2

well I was induced a day before my due date with my dd and I always felt weird about it, like I was forcing her out before her time. I did have some severe swelling and BP issues at the time though. This time, I'm opting NOT to be. Today is my due date and the doctor already asked me if I wanted to schedule an inducement. With baby #2 (my last one) I'd like to experience it as natural as I can. Then again, if I get towards 2 weeks past due I might change my mind. :)


kolleen_caudillo - June 2

i am in th esame boat as you. this is my 2nd baby. i was induced for medical reasons with my son. and was suppose to be with my daughter, but because my health is alot better then excpected my dr and i agree that i dont nedd to be induced. he too gave me the option to be induced a week early, i kinda want to just because i dont wanna go thru the whole wondering if im in labor and not be, that would be frustrating. BUT on the other hand i kinda wanna go naturaly. i want to experience the whole going into labor and my water breaking etc. so i have till friday to amke my choice. if i do get induced it will be on jne 27. so i guess im not sure either


bubbasmom - June 2

I am also pregnant with ds #2 and see both sides. I would love for my doctor to deliver and have care set up in advance for my 2 year old, but at the same time, it is excited wondering if today will be the day. As of right now (33 weeks) I would opt not to be induced but I reserve the right to change my mind as I get my uncomfortable!


cors1wfe - June 2

Meg - it really depends on if you have your heartset on being delivered by your doctor's back up are the midwives and I am A-OK with that - I am being induced at 39 weeks but only if my cervix is favorable - that means that by 39 weeks I have to be dialated and effaced some or else won't induce me until after my due date but then since my EDD is July 2nd I am pretty sure he will induce me on the first so that I can be delivered and discharged before the holiday weekend.....I was induced with my first son because I was starting to show symptoms of pre-eclampsia but I was 2 days away from the due date - with my second son I went into labor naturally but needed pitocin after they gave me my epidural so I wasn't really induced I just needed help with keeping my contractions going.....I am one who is terrified of being overdue because some of the scary stuff I have read ...and the reason I am going to be induced is because my mom has moved 3,000 miles away and I want to plan a date to have the baby to make sure her and my dad make it back for the birth without me being totally stressed out - I have never lived far away from my mom and although it may seem silly to plan to have a baby so someone can be there it's very important to me that she be there since she was at the birth of the last doctor would rather induce me then me be all stressed out wondering if she is going to make it or not - and there is still a chance my little one could come early and she could still miss it but at least I have planned the best I can -- I have just never been one to feel guilty about evicting a baby so close to due date anyway......I have been feeling pretty good with the exception of some sciatic nerve issues so going to my due date wouldn't kill me but one week early won't's really just a personal choice but my doc did tell me that at my 39 week appt if I haven't thinned out or dialated he will NOT induce me just to induce because that can contribute to me needing a c-section so......I am just hoping for the best.....


ejmeskan - June 2

I am right there with you meg. I just love the excitement of the whole deal! a__suming babe and I are healthy I will do anything to not be induced even if that puts me 2 weeks post DD...but that isn't so much because I need it all natural I just really like to see what is going to happen and how exciting it all is! :) Good luck!


HeatherIsHopeful - June 2

my personal opinion.. I say do it. lol but this is my first baby and I plan to have more... right now Im more anxious to meet my little girl then I am to wait out the next two weeks so if my doc ask me if I wanted to be induced a week early I would do i for sure. then hope that my next baby has no complications so I can experience the spontaneous labor and all that. its totally a personal choice and there are a lot of factors that come into play. like if its your last baby and you have never experienced natural labor before then you would probably want to wait and see. not me though, Im sooo ready to hold my baby. anyway, theres my two cents :)


Sims1 - June 2

i was induced and the amount of drugs used is not worth it. my son has issues latching which the lactation consultant says can be due to many of the drugs used OR because he was induced he might not have been fully cooked even though i was done my 40 weeks. although my son was born 9 1/2 pounds next time i'm not getting induced no matter how big. if they're not ready they're not ready and seeing it now it wasn't worth it.


Sims1 - June 2

well it was worth it to have my baby in my arms, but what i mean is i could have waited one more week.


bean - June 3

I agree with Sims. The pain and drugs in induction are NOT worth it. I was induced with #1 at 41 weeks and 5 days. It was a very painful 26 hour labor. After 20 hours of pitocin and other drugs I was only 4 cm dilated! That's when I threw in the towel on a "natural" delivery and went for the epidural. I'm now 30 weeks and praying daily that #2 comes on her own. I would never ever ever want to undergo being hooked up to all those monitors, watching (and hearing) every contraction on screen, not being able to walk around freely, use the tub, go pee, etc. It sucks! Plus, my dd went under severe stress with the chemically induced contractions and we both had a very rough time. If at all possible, go with as natural as you can - i.e. labor starting naturally. Yes, it would be nice to have your dct there, but reality is the dct just runs in in the last few seconds, catches the baby, hands him/her to the nurses, and then cleans you up. At that point, I was so exhausted I didn't give a rat's left... *** ... who was standing down at that other end! That's my very honest opinion. Good luck!


fefer1 - June 3

oh, one more thing...are you really going to care 5 years from now which doctor delivers your baby? Mine didn't with my first - and it really didn't matter. The nurses to all the work anyways. And I have to say, my inducement went really really well. From start to finish it was only 7.5 hours and we had no complications whatsoever other than it was hard to know how to push when you can't feel what you're doing. But, I would still rather have the freedom to move around during labor and not be stuck in a bed. I know others who have long deliveries due to inducement though's really up to you what you want to chance. I said before, I'm not going to do it this time unless I'm 2 weeks past due and the possibility for complications for the baby arise. I pretty much know when I conceived so I'm not worried about having my dates off. :)


Justine1 - June 3

I was induced with my first as waters had broken and had a terrible time - I went naturally with my second and had a water birth and it was so much better so there's no way I'ld ever choose to be induced. Ifs its medically necessary to be induced I'd do it of course but thats different. Hope all goes well.


catherine - June 3

as for me, i dont want to be induced but since im 39 weeks and 5 days. my due date is on June 5. and my next appt is on the 6th. i prolly cant wait to be induced since nothing is happening. although i know im 1-2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. so hopefully on friday, the dr. can tell me i dilated more since she opened up my cervix. so hopefully i dont have to be induced by friday.



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