Giving Baby A Bath

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Trina_ - April 21

Is there a "right" time to bathe your baby? One lady told me that it absolutely is something you do in the morning....however I'd think it'd be nice to do before bed. Any suggestions? Just another thing I'm worrying about....


San - April 21

There is no right or wrong time to bathe your baby. I give my daughter a bath at night about an hour before she goes to bed...seems to mellow her out. Don't worry about it, it's something that is totally up to you! GL!


Steph - April 21

Pish!! Don't listen to stupid stuff like that. Give your baby a bath when ever you want to. If the night works best for you, the do it at night. I know that with my daughter, just like San's, it seemed to calm her down and make her more sleepy.


meme - April 21

You won't be giving your baby a bath every day anyway (babies are inherently clean & too much bathing dries their skin out), so just do it once a week at any time of the day you feel like it.


mama3 - April 21

I've always bathed my baby's everyother day till they were about a month or two. Doing it at night helps come them down and it also helps them learn the difference between day and night and keeping a normal routine helps.


Bonnie - April 21

It's totally up to you. Once or twice a week is just fine in the beginning which is what I did, mainly because he hated it. Now that he's 12 weeks he is really starting to like them so he gets them often :D


N - April 22

I always bathed my baby at least an hour before bed as well. I think everyday is too much, but I also think once a week is too little. Every 2 or 3 days is reasonable, especially if your baby has hair. Cradle cap can be a problem if you don't wash it regularly, and oily baby hair is unattractive.


sphinxminx - April 22

I have bathed my little one everyday, where it became a routine for her and I. I didn't bathe here with soap every day (too drying) just water is fine. After we would relax together by ma__saging her with baby lotion. It is our quiet time together and really gets her ready for bed.


HannahBaby - April 22

I always bathe my daughter before bed, it soothes her (i LOVE johnson n johnsons bed time wash) I bather her, get her in her jammies, and give her a bottle and then its lala land for her. I know that i always take a shower right before bed and it feels great. My daughter is 15 months so she gets incredible dirty so shes in the bath everyday, but when she was an infant in the winter, i only did every other day, then every day in the summer no matter how old. Good luck


krnj - April 22

I tried to give my ds a bath before bed but I think it wakes him up! So he'll be getting them in the morning from now on. Good luck!


Bonnie - April 22

"but I also think once a week is too little".....I did this for the first month for 2 reasons. Number one because he hated it. And number two because my baby book from AAP said once a week was plenty when they are newborn. :P


Jilloh - April 22

The lady at the hospital where I delievered did a bath cla__s. She said a bath wears the child out and will help them sleep after the bath is over. So whenever you want your child to be asleep for a period of time that's when you should bath them.


Deb - April 22

I agree with bathing at night. It gives the baby "winding down" time before bed.


^lucy^ - April 23

yeah i've read it somewhere also that bathing babies at night make them sleepy


MJM - April 23

I usually give my ds a bath right before his last bottle of the evening. It helps him relax a lot better, like it does for us. I bathe him in the AM only if he leaks. I still use a warm wash rag to get him cleaned up from his night time diaper though.


Steph - April 24

I agree with Bonnie bath per week is not enough. Babies get dirty from milk that drips down their faces onto their chests...etc. Just a quick 5 minute bath every few days will not dry out a newborns skin.


Tess - April 24

No preference. Its up to the "MOTHER"



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