Giving Birth Alone

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WP - October 10

I was wondering if anyone out there has given birth alone before whether by accident (ie. spouse/coach couldn't make it on time) or by circ_mstance husband overseas). I'm overdue and have been given an induction date for next week, but it couldn't possibly have fallen on a worse date. My husband is launching his business on this date and has hundreds of clients, potential clients, friends and family invited to this event. It's huge and it could make or break his business (and our lives), and my mom has a reunion that she's organized and will be out of town for that. In all fairness to my dh and mom, both of them have said they plan to drop everything for me, but frankly, I don't want them to. Are these events more important than the birth of this child? Well, I would have to say pretty close (well, maybe not the reunion...). My in-laws are in town but I'm really not comfortable with them in the delivery room with me. I'm not afraid to do this alone (it's my second), and I'm planning an epidural so I don't need a 'coach' to get me through the pain or anything. Also, I'll make a birth plan in case of unexpected emergencies. At this point in the pregnancy, I don't care how it happens, I just want this baby out! Anyone else have to give birth alone? How was it? In the long run, did it matter to have anyone there? Any tips?


Tammy276 - October 10

Could you ask your doctor to change your induction date? Maybe make it a day sooner or something? I would think given the circ_mstances that maybe they would do that for you.


Pearl - October 10

I can't say that I have been through a birth alone...Sorry I can't offer any experience to share, but I would say pick someone else you feel comfortable with. If there isn't anyone else, both your husband and your mother said they would drop everything...yes? I would just let it unfold and as soon as you need someone, call them. Sorry I can't be more help. If it was me, I would want my husband there throughout the whole process...I'm kind of selfish though... I wouldn't want to do it alone. I have kind of the opposite problem. My husband is going to be in the operating room (repeat c section scheduled for the 24th) but my mom is trying to make me feel guilty about it... I had to tell her tough luck.


Cerulean - October 10

I haven't given birth yet, but I was wondering, can you ask your doctor if they can move your induction date up a day or two? Given the circ_mstances, seems like they would be willing to do atleast that for you.


TiffanyRae - October 10

Can't they move your induction date either forward or backwards one day? Aftere I was overdue I pretty much set my own date...and was NOT taking no for an answer! lol I even turned on the tears! Anyway I would not suggest going at it alone. My girlfriend had to have her baby by herself....Her husband was in Iraq, She has no family left (both parents are deceased) and I was off island for a convention. She said it was the worst experience...and she was like you...not worried at all about it and thought she would have no problem. She ended up needing a last minute C section that was COMPLETELY unplanned. So things change in an instant so if you have even the slightest option of someone with everything you can to get them there.


January - October 10

Plus, god forbid something were to happen.. you need someone there capable of making decisions for you if you are incompasitated for any reason.


evae777 - October 10

I think the suggestions here for changing the induction dates, if possible, would be a good resolution. I am the selfish type, i would want my husband there, even though it makes sense sometimes when work is involved, but i think it will be a good experience for him too and something he wouldn't want to miss. plus, being a woman, for me, i tend to unconsciously hold resentment even though my intentions were good, especially on an occasion like this!


WP - October 11

Unfortunately the induction dates can't be changed. You've all given me a lot to think about. Thanks. Of course my husband will drop everything, but I just didn't want him to have to. A c-sec would be the answer to my dreams right now! As the time ticks on, my mood gets worse and right now I can honestly say, I don't really care how this baby enters the world, just as long as it gets here soon.


docbytch - October 12

Hey are a brave and kind soul for thinking of your dh's needs like this. Not sure I could do the same...I am such a wuss at these things. Whatever happens...I am wishing you all the best of luck!!


WP - October 12

Thanks docbytch.



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