Giving Birth Alone

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name - November 12

Well the original plan was to have my mom in there with me, and my aunt who invited herself (she witnessed dd's birth so she invited herself to ds's). I live almost an hour away from the hospital where my ob's at (High Point Regional), and even if I call 911 the ambulance will take me to Randolph Hospital which I DO NOT want to deliver at, plus insurance won't cover it. My mom lives 45 minutes away from me and works even farther away, if I even get in touch with her, when she FINALLY does get here (if I go into labor) there's the issue of what to do with my daughter. Plus we've been fighting lately and are not really speaking as of 3 or 4 weeks now. I'm so miserable and irritable... I've been contemplating just doing it alone. My mom gets on my last nerve anyway. It would solve the problem of who'd be taking care of my daughter, my mom could come and get both of us then drop me off at the hospital so she could take care of her. I don't know, am I making a mistake? Has anyone ever given birth alone? Opinions please?


AntsWife - November 13

This is my first pregnancy so I don't really have an educated preference, but I'd have to say that if you originally had a plan that someone would be with you, then you're probably counting on that support. And alot of women labor for hours so your family may show up in time and this might not be an issue. On the flip side, if I had a choice between my mother coming with me or being alone in an alley with a third world medic, I'd probably choose the alley- but my mom and I have that special kind of relationship ;-) Good luck!!


tish212 - November 13

lol I like that ants wife....I have that special relationship so obviously my mother won't be there. but to answer the question I wouldn't want to do it alone...this is my first but I'm still scared and thankfully my mil and dh will be hope u get it straightened out...



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