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Kristine - February 19

Hi Ladies, I am 35 weeks,,,,,, nursery is almost done. I've yet to get a rocker/glider for the room. Can you suggest a good brand? I've heard Shermag is popular but would like to hear from you. Thanks!!!


Kristin11 - February 19

I got a rocker with my dd and will use it with my son too. It is actually one of the solid wood rocking chairs they sell at cracker barrel.


Tracy88 - February 19

I'm still trying to decide myself. I was going to just get a regular rocking chair, but when my sister was a baby (many years between us), the rocking chair was painful on our elbows and such, so for the price, I was going to just get a glider from Target. I work at Pottery Barn Kids and get a substantial discount, but even with the discount, I don't feel like spending that much on a chair that won't be in my house for a very long time. If money were no object, I would get the big fluffy Dream glider from PBKids.


aaaaaaaaaa - February 19

We got a Shermag (parents bought it for us for Xmas), and it is AWESOME. We love it already even without a baby :)


Kristine - February 19

Thanks for the feedback. I don't want to spend more than $200-250 on a chair.Tracy, I too fell in love with the dream glider from PB. My parents bought us a crib from PB so that will be my luxury item. :-)


Kristin11 - February 20

I havent had problems with my rocker being uncomfortable, but i used a boppy with my dd and plan to with my son too. My dd is 3 and i still use my rocker when ever she gets sick she like to be wrapped in a blankie and rocker to sleep, which i dont mind doing, it is a nice time to cuddle.


HEATHER - February 20

its all a personal choice, just find one that you feel most comfortable with, I looked for one with a high back cause im taller and most gliders stoped at my shoulders and I figured if I wanted to rest in it while nursing, my neck would be quite sore from hanging over the top.



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