Glucose Intolerance

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Meghan - February 16

my midwife called me the other day and said they got my 2nd GD test back and my sugar is really high but not high enough to be full blown GD just a bad glucose intolerance. I am so upset about this, I love sweets! I am 36 weeks along and they are just telling me this now, and I know Sky (my dd) is already big because of the 32 weeks scan. I am terrified of giving birth to a huge baby becauze I am so small. Ugh how could this have happened? is it because I ate too many sweets or is it just how my body works?


PaigeMeagans mommy - February 16

Its just how your body works. Even if you do become diabetic, dont worry...its not that bad and you are almost done. I have gestational diabetes now at 31 weeks and had it in my last pregnancy. Any questions....just ask


Meghan - February 17

Thank you for replying. I havent had my appt with the diabetes place yet ( i go on the 22nd) But I have tried cutting as much sugar as I can out of my diet, except stull like bread that has it in it. I am just worried that My baby is going to be huge because at my 32 weeks ultrasound she was already 5 pounds 1 ounce. So this glucose intolerance will go away once I have her? will it effect her in any way after she is born or will they have to whisk her off for tests or anything? Sorry I ask so many questions its because this is my frist baby and I am quite un-educated on this "condition" until I go see the diabetes people. I would just like toknow what to expect for when she is born. Thank you once again.


PaigeMeagans mommy - February 19

Baby does seem a little big.....but I wouldn't worry to much about it. You seeing a high risk OB? Let me just tell you the rountine with mine so you can know possibly waht to expect. Every week I have a ultrasound done. They measure the baby and check the amnotic fluid. Right now I have to much in there because my they are having a hard time getting my sugars under control. I am on insulin to control mine, but dont a__sume taht will happen to you. I dont know your nubmers. They have me on a 2900 calorie diet. You will eat 6 small meals a day and test 2 hours after each meal. I dont know how many calories you would be one. All depends on your weight. Watch all what you eat. You are paying attention to sugars alot, but also they monitor and control your Carbohydrates because that all turns into be careful and pay attention to that. You sugars will not affect the baby as long as they are controlled. Now if you didnt do anyting about it, that would be different. My doctor will not let me go into the 90% ....meaning the baby can not get any bigger than taht. Dont expect all your levels to change takes time. So be patient and don't get discouraged.


Meghan - February 19

oh wow , you must have it bad then! Iam still seeing my midwife because my glucose intolorance isnt quite high enough to be gestational diabetes. I have been watching what i eat and drink since they told me a few days ago, I go to the midwifes tomorrow so I hope they can tell me more then on thursday I go to the diabetes clinic to get a diet sorted out. I mean I am not absolutely MASSIVE with my baby belly, but like I said she was a bit big. but will this effect when she is going to be born? like could she come a big earlier because she is bigger? (i hope so because I am sick of being pregnant hahah) but thank you for all the info you gave me, its nice to have a little insight as to what can happen!


PaigeMeagans mommy - February 19

no as long as everything is under control you can easily go to a full term pregnancy. I only go til 38 weeks since I am a repeat c-section. If the baby does get to big, sometimes taht will put you at risk to have to have a c-section. Dont let that scare you and freak you, because I dont know if that would happen, just what I have heard. But other than taht, its really not as bad as people make it out to be. Dont let all the info freak you out. Dont hesitate to ask me anything. Was like this my last pregnancy also, so I know what goes on



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