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sara - June 30

i had my 1 hour glucose screening 2 days ago and it came back 179, the dr said the cutoff was 130. i have to go tommorow for the 3 hour test. i have been so worried about it since i found out. has anyone else had that high of a reading on the first test and then have the second test come back normal?


m - June 30

i don't know if this is at all relevent, since i wasn't pregnant at the time, but i had a high blood sugar reading once and then went to get the the full b__wn glucose tolerance test which came back normal. kind of the same... but different. good luck :)


Danielle - June 30

I know my sister had a high 1 hour reading and a normal 3 hour. Me on the other hand had a high 1 hour and all high for the 3 hour. Now I get to follow the gestational diabetes diet. Don't worry if you do have it. You will have to follow a diet but its not too bad once you get used to it.


to sara - June 30

I just went through this last month. My 1 hour came back 163 so I went the very next day to do the 3 hour test. Everything was fine. The stats are in your favor. I'ts only like 5-9% of women who get GD. The worst part of the test is waiting at the docs office for so long. Better bring some books and magazines to read. I'm sure you will be fine.


Jbear - June 30

I had a high one hour test during my first pregnancy (it was right after breakfast). I had to have the three hour test, which was fine, but a month later the doctor sent me for another one. It was fine too, and then they wanted me to go for a third test, and I refused. This time I have a different doctor, and I told him I really, really didn't want to do a three hour test. He told me not to eat any sugar for 24 hours before the one hour test, and it worked. I think it's really common to get a high one hour test and a normal three hour one. Good luck.


MrsSandraD - July 1

I failed both of my tests and had to do the finger needle thing and diet - I cried for the first day but really it's not that bad - just getting used to the eating schedule AND it prevented me from gaining unnecessary weight and I'm eating really well. It's not that bad - remember that if you do fail the 2nd test.


lyn - July 3

make sure you don't eat anything sugary (pop, candy, cereal) the day before, and the day of. that may help. my sister ate a bowl of cornflakes w/o sugar before she did hers a failed. so she had to do the 3hr one. so for mine i ate nothing the day of, and the day before i was on my BEST behavior!!



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