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BabyGirl - January 23

Hey Ladies Just wondering if the glucose test is the one where you have to drink that orange sugar drink then a hour later the take your bood? And also at how many weeks are you when you have to take it . and you eat or drink anything before the test? Answers ASAP please...


Emmakirst - January 23

Yes that's the test that yummy drink. (it's not that bad, takes like a no name brand of orange pop) Usually Dr. want it done around 28 wks. I don't recall having to fast before this test, but if you are getting this done, it wouldn't hurt to call the lab where you would get the blood drawn to make sure about eating or not. Hope this helps.


JennyC - January 23

yep, it actually doesn't taste too bad at all. Since I've been avoiding pop, I actually kind of enjoyed it. I had mine at 27 weeks. And they made a point to tell me to eat and drink normally before the test. You'll probably want to check with your doctor on that last part, though.


sye - January 23

the lab told me to fast about 2 hours before the test and my results got borderline so i had to take the 3 hour glucose test that same week and for that, i had to fast 24 hours and that sugary liquid on an empty stomach made me very sick...the only thing i could have was water...if you have to take a 3 hour test, bring water..


Hannah - January 23

I took the 3 hour test after testing too high during the 1 hour. Interestingly, my doc told me not to eat/drink/chew gum, etc. after midnight the night before my 3 hour (my apt. was at 9:00 am). I could not have water either.


karen - January 23

I have to take the glucose test next week, and I was told not to eat anything too carb-heavy in the 24 hours leading up to the test. My doctor said eating too much bread or pasta will increase the glucose level and you're more likely to "fail" and have to take the 3-hour test. She did not say anything about fasting before it though--just said eat something balanced, with enough protein.


Girl Gilly - January 23

I had the test at 28 weeks. I was told to eat a good meal beforehand. I have seen other posts, however, where women were told NOT to eat. I would check into that with your Dr. or hospital lab. I was freaked out about the drink but it was not bad at all. It was a carbonated orange pop - imagine taking MacDonalds' orange drink and carbonating it. The only issue I had was that I had only 5 minutes to drink it. I don't usually guzzle pop like that! After an hour they took my blood and I was done. I had on real effects from it, but I have heard some women feel faint or nauseaus. Good Luck!


Amber - January 23

I was told to eat as usual, but avoid juice, candy and cakes and sodas, so anything overly sweet, on the day of testing. Drink the drink, an hour before and consume nothing after taking the drink. I think i had some reduced sugar oatmeal and some mac and cheese that day. I pa__sed. Oh, yeah i think i was tested around 28 weeks.


Tess - January 23

My Dr. said its best to do when you're 24-28 wks pg.


cteel - January 23

I am just a few days over 26 weeks and I am having my test tomorrow. My Dr told me not to eat an hour before my test, but to do as usual until then. Who knows?


jolie - January 23

I take my test next week. I am 28 weeks. I was told to not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before. The test is at 8 the next morning. They also said to bring something to eat for after the test because you may get sick!


JennyC - January 23

Its funny that we're all drinking the same drink, and taking the same test, but have such different rules.


g - January 23

Yeah my DR had me fast since midnight and i couldnt even have water. I took the one hour test with the orange flavor and the three hour test with the punch flavor! Yeah i never heard you can eat or drink like that, if i was able to i wouldnt of felt so sick! I am about 28 weeks a little after-DR keeps confusing me on my due date! Good luck all!



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