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AmyF - July 10

I didn't notice anyone had taken the glucose test over in 2nd tri, but I am 26 weeks, so I don't know when I 'roll over' to here.... but I'm a little freaked out and needed someone to talk to... I hope you don't mind! The Dr's office just called and said I failed my glucose test by 30 points. I'm at 170 and she said at 200 I'd go straight to diabetic counseling, but just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me and I'm really not trying to freak out but I just need someone to talk to..... thanks. Amy


SuzieQ - July 10

I'm waiting for my results - just had the test this morning. I hope I pa__s - but don't know anything about gd. There's another thread on this subject you might want to check out - it's on the third trimester part too.


Patti - July 10

Amy. I failed the one hour test w/ a 172. However, I pa__sed the 3 hr. test easily. Try to to worry too much. Are they sending you for a 3 hr test?


KLT - July 10

I had my 3 hour test today. Failed my 1 hour with a 158. From what i'm reading it seems a lot of people fail the 1 hour..which makes me wonder why they even bother with it. The nurse flipped her lid and was VERY dramatic when I failed the 1 hour....gave me a huge lecture about how I'd end up diabetic and be on a strict diet and would have to change my diet now. But then she didn't offer any suggestions as to what I should/shouldn't be eating and drinking. She just said limit my carbs/sugars and stop drinking juice and that was that. I was pretty annoyed. I asked the doctor and he gave me the same run around. I told them that I eat well. I generally don't overdo the carbs/sugars, I don't drink sodas often, eat whole grains etc... I think I eat well at least... Anyways, I found alot of good help on this site though (under some of the other forums. In fact CaliTrish has been THE absolute best in helping BIG thanks to her!) Today at the 3 hour test, I go in at 9am after fasting all nite long. They told me to carb load for 3 days prior which while it sounded like it would be fun to eat all that stuff...was no fun at all. It was actually hard to do so after eating well, and really paying attention to my diet since I failed the 1 hour. When I got there this morning, they had me pee in a cup, took my blood, gave me the orange soda drink, then told me to come back in an hour. Did this 3 more times for a total of 4 sticks in the arm. I look like a junkie! The whole process wasn't as bad as I had anticipated...I brought tons of magazines to read and didn't end up reading a single one...went walking around the grounds and to the bookstore, which helped pa__s the time. Mainly it was boring having to stick around. I've read from others that its good to walk around between blood draws, altho they'll tell you not to....the nurse said they don't want you walking around outside and end up pa__sing out. I find out the results on Wednesday...hopefully I pa__sed b/c I don't know how much more they can restrict my diet from what it is now... The nurse told me that alot of people come thru and fail the first test, but pa__s the heres hoping it all works out....for all of us! : ) Don't freak out. I was a wreck, freaking out big time until this past weekend when I just let it go....figure it this way, you'll find out whats going on with your body for you and your baby and thats always a plus and a good diet can't hurt..right? right. : )


AmyF - July 11

Thank you for all your posts! Okay- calming down.. so limit my carbs then. I've been eating a lot since it helps with constipation, but I guess I'll limit it. I hope you pa__s too SuzieQ.... this is such a horrible thing because- yes the dr's don't tell you anything about what you should do to pa__s it. I hope you pa__s too KLT. What do you mean by carb load 3 days before?


AmyF - July 11

Patti- did you do anything different that made you pa__s????


Revel - July 11

when you took your test did you fast fior 8 hours? tahst what my dr made me do (it wasnt easy lol) and i pa__sed mine with flying colors but my friend did it and she drank some sprite a few hours before adn it made her fail so she had to do the long one :o so if you do eat or drink before you do teh test watch what you consume cuz it will effect the results and its not fun doing the long test :(


Jen - July 11

I guess we are all different. I had to do my 1 hr at 18 weeks because of sugar in my urine. I failed with a 132! My doc said some people like to see 140 or below where as some require130 or below. Mine doc requires 130 or below. Therefore, I did my 3 hr a couple of days later and failed that too with 2 abnormal numbers. It just surprises me when I hear that some friends get from 150s-170's on their 1 hr and then pa__s the 3 hr...where I only had 132 and was still diagnosed.


AmyF - July 11

Oh no Jen- that is horrible! Revel- yes, I had to fast. I don't eat dinner past 7:30pm because I go to bed around 8:30-9:00, so I fasted for nearly 12 hours before going into take the test. I don't know what else to do except add more protein to my diet as I have a problem getting enough (chicken smells horrible still)


AmyF - July 11

Jen- so are you just on a strict diet? Do you have to take pills or insulin?


Mingill - July 11

AmyF, try not to worry too much about it, many women pa__s the 3 hour test no problem. I failed my first test with a 214, so I got sent straight to the diabetes clinic. First they teach you to test your blood sugars, then they put you on a diet which limits your carbs, and no sugar. Sometimes just sticking to the diet can control the sugars, other times you need more, like me, I'm now on insulin. It's not so bad though, once you get used to it and keep in mind why you're doing it - for a healthy baby, it's pretty easy. It does take some adjustment though. Like I said, try not to freak out, but keep in mind that in the end, the doctors just want what's best for you and the baby.


Patti - July 11

Amy, I followed the recommendation of adding more carbs to your diet 3 days prior to the test. I found an ob site with info. This is the site I used remove any dashes as this forum seems to add them sometimes after you post a website address. My nurse told me she'd seen lower levels on the 1 hr. fail the 3 hr. and higher levels pa__s the 3 hr. I met a woman who was there for the same thing and she said she'd failed the 1 hr. in previous pregnancies and opted to go straight to the 3 hr. It seems to be pretty common to fail the one hr. and pa__s the 3 hr. Good luck!


KLT - July 11

AmyF - did you have your test yet? How'd it go? How about you SuzieQ? As for the carb loading, I figure by now you read up on it Amy? The nurse just told me that they wanted to stress my system to see how it responds. I dunno. It just seems dumb to me, but i'm not a doctor.. I mentioned on another board on here somewhere that now that i've gotten my results (pa__sed) they say I have to go on a strict 1800 calorie diet, which again...makes no sense to me, considering I pa__sed, and considering I eat well as it is. I tried to ask the nurse how can I possibly cut my carbs/sugars anymore that I already do, but she wouldn't let me I am going to talk to the doctor next friday when I see her. If you can't eat chicken, how about some ground turkey? You can also eat beans, and i've been eating Morningstar brand veggie patties and their other products... try those out! : )


HannahBaby - July 12

HEY AMY :O) im going to start a new thread for us :O)


KLT - July 13

CaliTrish - Thanks again for all your really DID help me! : ) I've been eating the way you've mentioned above, in fact i've always eaten like that. But both sides of my parents families have diabetes (type I and II) I was fearful I was at risk too. I just need to get a move on with the walks.....


CaliTrish - July 13

Walking in that Virginia heat & humidity has gotta suck. Try cruising the mall or walking late at night before bedtime. The walks really help lower the sugar levels as well as improve circulation, reduce swelling & leg cramps, and improve your overall wellbeing.


Jen - July 13

AmyF---I am just on a diet and am poking myself four times a day to test my sugars. The specialist predicts that I will need insulin towards the end of my pregnancy since I was diagnosed so early on. I am now 28 weeks and my appt yesterday was great. Still no need for insulin : ) Baby is 2lbs, 11oz. The diet is ok but the frustrating thing about it is that I can only eat at certain times...whatever time I eat breakfast determines the rest of my day.



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