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m - March 13

I am 28 weeks pregnant, and my doc has not even mentioned to me about when or if I am to take the glucose test??? My next appointment is in 1.5 weeks ( I did not think to ask on my last visit b/c I had a million other things to ask). Is this a test everyone gets, or only if you are in a high risk category???


^lucy^ - March 13

im almost 30 weeks and my dr has never asked me to get the glucose test.. she's a great dr and i trust her.. i've done 2 blood tests though.. the 1st one was early in my 1st trimester and the 2nd one was b4 yesterday cz she wanted to check on my hemoglobin levels since i was feeling very dizzy lately and she wanted to ease my worry.. im 22 years old and been having a healthy pregnancy until now thanks God so maybe its done for people with risk? i dont know actually


jas - March 13

I would ask about it - even with my first pregnancy, when I was your age (sooo long ago!!) and wasn't at any risk, they ran one. My understanding it that not ALL docs will, but it IS standard practice. I would ask because of the risk factors if you do have gestational diabetes...


^lucy^ - March 13

oh ok thanks for the info jas, when do they usually perform it? probably towards the end of pregnancy? also, each time i visit my dr (monthly since the beginning), they check my weight, blood pressure, and take a urine sample for their labs.. probably the urine sample is enough for now to check on gestational diabetes and then later on or if they suspect anything they will do the glucose test?


random question - March 13

i was wondering what you thought of this, someone close to me i know just had a miscarriage yesterday at 8 wks, but didn't even tell me that she was preg in the first place. She knew for 3 wks now. What the hell is wrong with me for feeling so devastated and betrayed that she didn't tell me. And it's not about making it past the first trimester either, for her last 2 she told me immediately. I am so god d__n hormonal right now, anyway, this is about her and her loss and all i keep thinking is how she lied to me, because i asked her a few times if she were preg. I have to seriously grow up and get over this.


Amanda - March 13

It is usually run between 24 and 28wks. I will be 26wk at my next OB visit and she hasnt mentioned it yet either. Alot of rules have changed since having my son 15mths ago...but I doubt this one has. All Dr's usually offer it....


m - March 13

to random question- I'm sure your friend was not trying to keep it form you to hurt you. She was probably scared of the word getting out and then loosing the baby (which unfortunately she did). I know a couple people who tried to wait for three months before telling others of their pregnancy. I tried to, but could not help but tell everyone by 6 weeks. Luckily my baby is doing great at 28 weeks.


J - March 13

It's standard procedure for all patients at my doctor's office. They do it at around 28 weeks (even though they do a urine test at each visit). I would definitely ask about it. My pregnancy has been perfectly healthy and they still wanted me to have it.


to m - March 13

so you don't think i am crazy for thinking these things.


Trina - March 13

I thought it was a standard test that everyone got to make sure they didn't get gest. diabetes. My doctor told me its a 28 week test.....hope this helps..


L - March 13

I didn't take my 1 hr test until 32 wks and my 3-hr at 34 wks. My litmus test always came back negative so I don't think my dr was too concerned. My friend, on the otherhand, has the same provider but different dr, and took her gtt at 27 wks. Her father has type 2 so I think that put her in a higher risk group.


Maria - March 13

This test is standard practice, done between 26-28 weeks, I had mine done at 27 weeks, failed the 1 hour and they had me go back for the 3 hour at 28 weeks, which I pa__sed. Even if your not high risk, it should still be performed. This is my 3rd pregnancy, my first was over 10 years ago and I had the test back then too. It's always best to be safe then sorry when the baby is born. If Gestational Diabeties is not under control during the pregnancy you can have a tough labor and other problems can develop.


pbj - March 13

I nthink if I do remember correctly it is between 26-28 weeks. It is a standard test in which you drink a very sugary carbonated soda and they then draw your blood after an hour. If your doctor has not mentioned it, I would ask when he/she is planning to perform the test.


Ba8y6irl - March 13

I had mine at 27 weeks and pa__sed with flying colours :) If your doctor doesnt mention it by the end of your next visit I would ask. Its a good thing to have done, and will not harm you or anything.


Tess - March 13

I know for a fact that the glucose test is for EVERYONE who is pregnant. Whether ur HIGH RISK or NOT. Im doin my 3 hr glucose test next wk and I'll be 32 wks by then. Im not HIGH RISK but my Dr. just wanted to make sure that everything is OK.


Heather - March 13

m...I would definatelyask your dr. fpor your next apt...I think that it is good just to be safe...


Chan - March 13

I have never heard of any one not taking the test. My midwife said it is useally done between 26-28 weeks. I just did mine on saturday and was 28 weeks and 1 day. I would call your doctor.



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