Glucose Test Failed First

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bellybubble - May 21

Hi Ladies, Well just got a call about my test results from my first Glucose test for gestational diabetes (sp?) - and it was slightly high so I have to go for the long test where you fast before - does this mean i definately have GD or is the longer test to sometimes rule it out? Hope that makes sense? I am just feeling a bit down about it all - my first blood test for the Glucose test was a nightmare - I think the nurse went throught the vein and he needle popped out and blood was going everywhere and good god it hurt. So then she had to do the other arm and I had to lay down for a bit cause i felt faint and sick (Which has NEVER happened to me before - felt like a big sook!) Anyway have massive bruise on arm and its really sore and now I get a call saying oh yeah you gotta go back for more - and theres the possiblity of GD. Anyway dont really even know what I am asking here - just needed to vent - feeling really down and sad today - like i really would love to burst into tears but at work so cant haha. Sorry about the lenght of this rant just feel blue....... xx


Malica - May 21

Lots of people fail their first test but pa__s the second. I wouldn't worry about it. Oh, and as for the bruising make sure you apply firm pressure for 5 minutes after they draw blood.


HeatherIsHopeful - May 21

malicia is right... it is really common to fail the one hour test.. I did and still pa__sed my three hour test. Im sure you're fine. besides GD sucks but it isnt 'that' bad.. you just have to watch your diet and it goes away after the baby is born. good luck hon!


HeatherIsHopeful - May 21

oh and.. for the three hour test you have to have your blood drawn 4 times.. it sucks. and you have to fast before hand (like with the one hour test) and you have to sit around the docs office for like 4 hours. It sucks... sorry Im not helping at all... but it does end eventually and everything is better. you'll be fine hon. *hugs* by the way feel free to rant any time :)


bellybubble - May 21

Thanks so much ladies! It helps just to hear what other people have gone through and just to get the inside story - i would be lost without this site haha. Ok I feel much better now - and i will have a different person taking the blood so fingers crossed it will be much smoother then last time haha. Thanks again - I will let you all know how i go - app not till Tues! :) x


HeatherIsHopeful - May 21

cool, Im glad you feel better.. lol I was afraid my post would scare you even more. keep us posted :)


LIN - May 22

Yep, me too. First one was high, 3-hour test was fine.


newmomma32 - May 22

I failed and pa__sed the 2nd. don't worry...good luck.


bellybubble - May 27

Hey Ladies - well just had my second test for the GD - and let me tell you not eating till 11.30 am just about killed me - I felt sooo sick by the end of it - but have since eaten enough for a small army and feel much better!! Anyway I will update you as soon as I get my results!! :) PS - the lady who took the blood this time rocked - didnt even hurt - but after 4 needles over a period of time I feel a bit like a pin cushion haha.


HeatherIsHopeful - May 27

well, Im glad that part is over :) cant wait to hear the results!


bellybubble - June 2

Hey there! Well I just rang the midwives and they had a look at the blood results for me and YAY all came back fine just like most of you said! hee hee. Bit of a relief but! Thanks for all your advise and support! :)


HeatherIsHopeful - June 2

yay! Im glad your results came back normal!!



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