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barb - August 30

I had my glucose test done and am anxious about the results - i had it done only because it's routine to do here in Ontario but does anybody know of a way to tell if you either have gestational diabetes or if there's any hints in how you felt during the test? thanks!


Chloe - August 30

I took the 1 hour and the 3 hour glucose test and failed both. So, I do have GD. Here they actually took my levels in the office and gave me the results right away. I have to admit I didn't feel any different than before. But I am learning that I don't have it as bad as some people so that may be why. The waiting is stressful but there is no reason to think you will have a problem. Good luck!


SRG - August 30

Hi Barb, I live in Ontario also, I did the 1hr test a few weeks ago, I did not pa__s I was very upset, I went back last week and did the 3hr test and pa__sed. Try not to worry, I know easier said than done Where abouts in Ontario are you?


erin - August 30

I had this test yesterday...I was not aware of it being a pa__s/fail sort of thing. What are they concerned about?


Kristy - August 30

Hi, I just got a call from my doctors office today and I took the test last thursday, They told me my test came back like 140 something and it was suppose to be like 155, so now i have to go and do the 3 hr im so scared. QUestion for chloe, what do u have to do now?? a speacial diet or pills?? any concerns for labor?? or baby?? I have heard bigger babies is that true?? Oh im worried did you have to go on a speacial diet before?? they said I have to have a 3 day diet then the 4 th day i have to get that 3 hr. If u could post some of my questions that would be so great!! Alot of help for my worried mind... Thankssss


Tanja - August 30

hi I'm 33 weeks on friday and i just got told today that my one hour test that I did came back that my glucose levels were high. so now tomorrow I have to go do the 2 hour test. SRG you said you pa__sed the second one? so theres a chance that i wont develop GD Im from ontario too


barb - August 30

thanks for all of your help ladies - it seems like such a strange test; the technicians that did it for me yesterday were so disorganized; it seemed like there would probably be alot of false positives. hopefully my doctor will get back to me soon. i have looked up what the options are if you are diagnosed with GD and it mainly seems to be a diet/meal frequency thing. the general rule would be NO sugar, and then you have to watch your carbs and eat smaller meals more frequently. jeeze - i have such a sweet tooth!!


C - August 30

I had the one-hour test two weeks ago (at 25w3d) and everything was normal. A woman I work with had it with one of her pregnancies and had to weigh all her food and was on a fairly strict diet (including no sweets, among other things.) I think the diet becomes stricter with the severity of GD, so a milder case may only require minor alterations in diet. Women with GD do tend to have bigger babies as well.


klm - August 31

for all who came back with high levels...were there things that could have triggered you, like a rapid decrease in blood sugar levels or anything like that? Sometimes I will notice I am hungry and as I'm trying to decide what I want, all of a sudden I get real weak and pale and feel like I'm gonig to faint...this is when I usually want sugar and then I feel fine in 10 minutes or so. I took the test this week and haven't heard any results, but I never get results back so I a__sume that things are fine and I would be told if they were bad.


tracy - August 31

i had my test done on monday and it's come back high! i just got the call from my doctor. so he's sending me for the 2 hour test. i'm trying not to worry - the nurse said high results come back often and end up being nothing. i'll keep your situation in mind SRG :) oh -and i'm in ontario too! in toronto. where abouts are you?


Kristy - August 31

Does anyone think that drinking soda with this pregnancy could have made the results diffrent?? I didnt have any the day I took the test but with my other children I never drank it and never had to re test and my son just turned 2 im so confussed as to what would change...


tracy - August 31

i hear you - i'm a bit perplexed by the whole test-accuracy thing too - i don't have any of the 'typical' situations that go along with GD - at least, according to any of the books i've read. i'm 27, good weight (and i've only gained 9 lbs so far during the pregnancy), i exercise regularly, and i eat really well. the only thing i can think of is i eat ALOT of fruit; which, of course, is sugary. oh .. heh.. and right before i had my first sugar-test i ate half the kitkat my husband had (not the wisest, in retrospect) but for whatever reason i didn't think it would affect the test. maybe it did .. ? i suppose the 2-3 hour test is more accurate because of the fasting before? possibly if you did have the soda soon before the test it could affect it too?


Kristy - August 31

Hey Tracey Im glad im not alone, I dont have no signs neither good blood pressure good everything besides i gained more then you I was 119 prepregnancy and last week was 147!! But The doctor said my weight gain was good I also had 2 boys 1 8.8 and the other 8.3... so hopefully no GD then my baby might weigh more... see when i went and did my 1 hr i didnt eat or drink nothing all day oh beside a bite of my sons fruit snack opps!! that was like 3 hrs before.. I dont know im confused.. I dont get to do my test until next week so its almost a whole week of worrying then waiting for the results! uhhh this is crazy i tell ya....... Good Luck to u


pbj - August 31

I took my 1 hour test yesterday and found out today that I failed it. I don't have much of a sweet tooth so I was a bit confused, so I did some reading. It sounds like GD may have nothing to do with sugar consumption. During pregnancy women produce less insulin and use insulin less efficiently. Another book said that during pregnancy glucose levels are generally higher. So, it doesn't sound like anything any of us have done wrong or ate wrong. Still, I am hoping that my next test comes back ok...I'm stubborn and I like to eat what I want. Good luck to all of you!


C - August 31

Here is some good info: Remove any hyphens that may show up. GD has nothing to do with sugar consumption. It is a hormonal issue. I don't know if how many of you got instructions before your test, but I was told to have a small, light breakfast but no juice, sweets, jams, etc before the test. They do not want a fasting blood sugar, but they don't want it sky high from a gla__s of OJ either. If you had fruit, fruit products or sweets before the test, it probably made your blood sugar spike, and it doesn't take much to do that. You may want to mention this to your OB during your next appointment. If you haven't had your second glucose test yet, see if you can schedule it in the morning and make sure to avoid sweet/sugary foods and beverages before the test. My doctor's office will only schedule the test in the morning since tests done later in the day will not provide accurate results. BTW- what is up with the weird ads (green lettering with underlining) interspersed throughout our posts? It's kind of annoying, don't you think?


crystal - September 1

I had my 1 hour test, and to my surprise I pa__sed. I thought I was going to fail because I drank a half a bottle of mountain dew(I know i'm suppose to drink that because of all the sugar and and caffeine, but that was the only thing to drink, and I was so thristy and I didn't know I was going to take the test on that day)but I was sure I was going to fail but I pa__sed.


tracy - September 1

thanks for all the great great info - i was so upset yesterday when i got the failed-test-phonecall thinking i totally screwed up and am doing something wrong - but like you've said pbj & C it's something that our hormones do to us, and nothing we've done to ourselves. when i think about what i ate that day i had the test - an apple and a pear about 2-3 hours before, the half a chocolate bar about 5 minutes before, it's not much of a surprise i didn't pa__s! and i've realised that if i do fail test #2, it's not the end of the world, really, worse things can happen. although i too love my fruit and my carbs, and my .. ahem .. cookies :)



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