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ahemann99 - June 22

I just talked to my doctor who said I failed my glucose was a reading of 150. Can anyone tell me what their's was? I go in for my 3 hour test on Monday and I am nervous that I have Gestational Diabetes.....any insight??? Thanks, I appreciate any comments.


drea - June 22

I hope someone answers you. I just had my test this morining and I'm scared I failed also (been having a sweet tooth). Good luck with your 3 hour test.


shan_mommy - June 22

I failed my one hour test too, a lot worse than you did, with a score of 170, but I pa__sed the three-hour. I only had one abnormal reading on the three hour and you need two. Although I did have one that was only about 5 points under the cutoff for being abnormal. Doctor said not to worry about it though. I may just have a slight inclination towards gestational diabetes but nothing to be concerned about. My abnormal reading on the three-hour wasn't dramatically high either. It was only about 8 points over the cutoff. Don't worry. Lots of people pa__s the three hour after failing the first screening. And your score wasn't very high. Good luck. Just a warning though, the three-hour test made me feel really sick for the first hour of it. Then it got much better.


marie - June 22

I asked my doctor what my result was, he said it was 89. I'm not sure what that means but he said I pa__sed. I hope you pa__s your 3 hour test. Good luck!


tatiana - June 22

my glucose test reading for the 1 hour test was 80. anything over 130 is abnormal. im not sure if that tells you anything....


tryingx3 - June 22

When I did the 1 hour test, drank bottle of orange flavored stuff...they said they wanted you to test in the range of 65 - 134. I tested at 122 and they said for now I was okay. I will do a follow-up test due to baby already being large and family med history.


ahemann99 - June 22

congrats shan_mommy....that is great! I hope my outcome is like that! I did have a couple sodas the day before my test...which is a bit unusual, I wonder if that could have played a role in my test results too....


binkys mom - June 22

I had gd when I was pregnant. Anything over 135 on the 1 hour you have then go do the 3 hr test. Anything under 135 means you are good and producing enough insulin to handle the sugar. My numbers where high when I did these test, if you do have gd...please don't be upset. I was so upset and cried and they put me on a special diet. Alot of fruits, veggies, and good food. On the good side, I had a very happy healty baby boy who is now 11 months old. Being overweight before you are pregnant sometimes increases your chances, but I was a skinny is just when you are pregnant, sometimes the pregnancy hormones block your insulin production, you can't process the sugar, so it is pa__sed on to the baby top absorb...causing the baby to store this as fat. SO this is why they have to watch you more closely so you won;t have a 9 lb baby or larger. If you listen to the doctors and what they tell you, you will be fine. I ate everything they said, and I still had to give myself insulin (which isn't that bad). My motivation, I wanted a healthy baby. He was 6 lbs 15 oz.....


shan_mommy - June 22

Thanks ahemann99 and good luck. I totally know how you feel, as that was me last week. I'm 29 weeks preggo right now. I had half a soda the night before I took the one hour, only because I was at a friends house and that's all they had and the tap water was awful tasting. So maybe that does have an effect. I cried so bad when I failed the first test and was sooo relieved when I pa__sed the three hour. Since then though, I've been a little more conscious of trying to eat complex carbs more that simple carbs even though I pa__sed. It can't hurt. Ice cream however is my weakness. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


Tanna - June 22

I failed both with my first one, a__sumed I would have it with my second, but with this one I failed the one hour but pa__sed the three hour!


ahemann99 - June 22

one more thing i was long did it take to find out the results of the 3 hour test? did you find out that day??


Mingill - June 22

Hi, I failed my first test so badly, I didn't even get to do the 3 hour test. My reading was 11.5 mmol/L or 207 and I have definately been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I'm sure that your 3 hour test will be fine. Watch the carbs and sugar before the test. Do you have any of the other risk factors? Family history of diabetes, overweight, member of high risk group? If you don't have any other risk factors, there's a good chance you'll be fine. Good luck with your test, I really hope you pa__s.


ashley - June 22

I think mine was 116 which was Ok. I think and i am not positive anything under 120 is okay.I failed my first one with my daughter and pa__sed my second! I fudged though and had eaten fruit snacks on the way to the appointment unaware that I was getting the GTT that day. whoooops


ashley - June 22

okay I was wrong anything over 135, sorry.


littlemama1022 - June 23

They told me that they like the reading under 135..I tested in the early 120's...They thought it was great because most people fail it altogether.


ahemann99 - June 23

thanks for all the advice! It makes me feel so much better. I read on another thread where i posted the same type of question that you should eat a balanced diet that contains at least 150-200 grams of carbohydrates per day for 3 days before the test. Fruits breads cereals grains rice crackers and starchy veggies....does this sound right? I suppose if i just cut out sweets it should be good?


1Sttimemomy - June 23

how many tubes of blood did they take from you ladies and did they check your urine ?i thought that for the glucose test they would only need 2 tubes what all do they check you for at 29 weeks?



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