Going Into Labor While At Work

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coco797 - November 21

I asked this question on the Labor category, but I noticed more of you respond in this category. Sorry for asking again.....I plan to work right up until I give birth. Lately I've been worried about going into labor at work, especially having my water break while in the office. Does anyone know what the odds are of spontaneously going into labor at work? I've known a few ladies that worked up until they gave birth, and they all seem to go into labor either on the weekend or at night. (Sorry, I know this is a weird question, maybe not even a question that can be answered but it's been bothering me)


Jilloh - November 21

I worked up until my due date with DS. My last day was a Friday and he was born on Monday. I tried to walk all over up and down the stairs everything to get him to come sooner, lol. Not sure there is an answer to your question but I say don't fear it and just let nature take its course. If it happens then you know you won't be at work the next day. Good Luck!


sunflowergoddess - November 21

I too intend to work up until i deliver. One friend told me as it gets closer to start wearing a pad of sorts, so in case your water breaks you won't have a gushy mess all over :)


AmberNicole - November 21

I was in labor at work with my ds. My water was just leaking, it didn't break all over the place. I left work and went to the hospital and had my son the next day.


coco797 - November 21

Jilloh-Thank you! yah, I want her to come out soon too. I have about 6 more weeks to go, but trust me, as soon it gets to be a few weeks away, I will be walking as much as possible :-)sunflowergoddess-that's a good idea. I will remember to bring pad as it gets closer. I hope if my water does happen to break at work, I hope it's like AmberNicole's where it just leaks. I don't want an embara__sing gush.


January - November 21

Less than 30% of women have their water break at all.. most times it happens while in active labor at the hospital or by the hands of the dr. Good luck.


KRISTINA - November 21

I worked up to the day I had my first and now I am doing it again with my second. On a friday morning I had a bloody show and I was already overdue. I just knew he was coming soon, so I called in and told them that and he was born Sunday. My water also broke and I was wearing a pad and except for the fact that I felt the water coming out of me, I would never had know it had happened because the pad completly soaked it up. So hopefully you will have some warning signs and be prepared and it wont be a big deal :)


cayingo - November 21

With my DD I was in labor all day (I'm a teacher) and it hurried things along. Rarely does water break in the big dramatic way like on tv. Mine was subtle and managable. By the end of the day (even after school and a baby shower) I called my OB, went in to be checked, and was 4cm. They admitted me and our DD was born 12 hours later. I hope to have a simiar experience this time.



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