Going Overdue

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jessieb - November 14

who else is with me? I am now 2 days overdue and losing it. I am fine physically but mentally I am a mess. My parents are in town awaiting the arrival. I feel horrible because my father is supposed to leave sunday but my doctor won't induce me until the 21st. I don't know if he will stay... I haven't asked what his plans are yet. The comments from everyone are killing me. My mother in law is finding an excuse to come over everyday. She just called me mommy and I wanted to snap "I am not a mommy yet, so don't call me it! and go home! leave me alone! quit staring at me! we will call you!' ahah!! My patience is so thin, anyone else with me? wanna wait it out together?


sunflowergoddess - November 14

Hi Jessieb, Thanks for making me lol... I'm not due yet, but i can only imagine what it would be like if my MIL kept bugging... Just try to remember that we're the lucky ones that are able to get pregnant and experience it, as there are many others out there that will never get the chance :)


Mommyoflittlegirl - November 14

Hi Jessieb, I am tottally with ya. 4 Days overdue . Its seems like this pregnancy is chronic. :) I cant sleep, lay, sit or stand anymore. I have been scrubbing the floors, walking, moving furniture.....and nothing......I really love being pregnant, but I am really ready for the baby....If I dont have this baby by Monday I will be induced....UGGGHHHH


Jilloh - November 14

change your answering machine/voice mail message to "Hi this is the________Household. No I am not in the hospital, I am not in labor, The baby is not peeking out, We can not be called mommy and daddy just yet, and when all that happens I will have someone contact you. Until then please allow us to get our rest. Thank You very much. Then don't answer the phone, lol. It worked for me with my first pregnancy!!


melissap - November 14

I hear ya jessie. I was due on Sunday the 11th and no induction until next week..I have an appointment on Monday to see about being induced. The worst part is that this is #3 and the other 2 were right on time. 1st on his due date, 2nd 2 days before and my doc has been saying for weeks that I was so ready and I had to pack at 36 weeks as I thought I was having an ECV to turn the baby and IF ONE MORE PERSON ASKS IF I HAVE HAD THE BABY I am going to go CRAZY..does it look like I have had a baby... HOpefully our LO will be out soon..like tonight. GOod luck


jessieb - November 14

Yes, I am completely happy to be at this point in my pregnancy. In fact, that is why it is mentally killing me right now. I had two miscarriages before this one. I got my first BFP in March of 2005. I have been waiting for this delivery for a very long long long time! the last few weeks have just been killer! ahah!! Jilloh, that is so funny that you said that. I have been answering my cellphone 'hi, nothing yet' when a friend or family member calls! Just to get it out of the way. Mommyoflittlegirl, I totally agree. I love being pregnant but I am so ready to be a mom. I am so ready for the next chapter. I have tried walking, spicy food, pumping (haha!!), s_x is next on the agenda! My MIL even asked me 'what is wrong? are you okay?' I said 'I don't want to leave the house or see ANYONE till I have the baby' HINT HINT! : ) I am going to ask my husband to tell her to back off till the baby comes. That I don't need the extra pressure.


jessieb - November 14

oh yes, I am like you melissa. I was 1 cm at my 36 week appt. then 20% effaced and baby at zero station starting at 38 week. My doctor said 'if you make it to your next appt' at my 38 week appt. I have been living any moment now for two weeks. It is a hard way to live. We end every day emptying the dishwasher, taking out the trash, not buying too much food, shaving my legs everyday!! haahh!!! This could be our last....


AngelinLuv - November 14

My family is driving me nuts. At my 36 wk appointment I was 1 cm, 50% effaced. At my 37 week appointment I was not quite 2 cm- but had made progress. Ever since my mom blabbed that everywhere, I can't even sniffle without somebody asking me if my pain is coming/going. I'm only 38 weeks, and although anxious, I'd just like to be able to have a normal discomfort pain and not have somebody hound me over it. Goodluck!


jessieb - November 15

well I'll be. I am now up to 5 minutes apart contractions. Been having them since about supper time. actually they started around lunch, they stopped. Then came back. We are thinking about leaving soon.... holy surreal.


melissap - November 15

Good luck jessie, hopefully it's the real thing. Keep us posted on how things went and what you had..you didn't find out the s_x either..only a few of us that didn't/. Well nothing different here..decided that it is going to be on the 20th but what do you do!



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