Going Past Due Date

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stefkay - July 4

Just wanted to see how many women actually go past their due dates and just hear how long you went past, if you had any signs prior to labor and anything else encouraging you can say! :) This is my first baby so I am always told I'll most likely go over, but I have lots of friends who have had babies lately and they all went early. And of course everyone I know who is on the consecutive births are having them early too. Today is my due date...no biggie, not like I'm way over, but I figured I'd have had SOMETHING happen by now like one painful contraction or losing mucous plug or anything. Nope.....just hanging in there. I'm scheduled for induction Tuesday though if nothing happens before then so that's not far away at all.


Charlibabe - July 4

Stef I hope I dont go over also....We are both due today. Think we could swap numbers just in case one of us does go...Im all alone and I'd like to have someone to talk to through it all lol....You will go soon I have no doubt on that! =D


Whitney - July 4

Have you thought of asking your DR. for a membrane sweep to try to get things going ... like before you get induced? I'm due next week with my 2nd baby & my first came 3 weeks early so going to my due date is new to me, but for sure possible since I also have not had any other symtoms. But I see my Dr. on my due date & he offered to to do a membrane sweep if I want as it usually will get labor started more naturally within 48 hours. I think I'm going to go for it, but just wondering if you have inquired about it.


mjvdec01 - July 4

I can't speak for going past your due date, however I can tell you that if you get to tuesday and need to be induced, it isn't bad at all. I was induced with my first and it went perfectly. I am going to be induced this time as well on the 17th, unless I go in to labor beforehand. You will do great.


lisa mc - July 4

hi i was 2 days late with my first and 1 day late with my second both girls. i went with my scan date and not the date of my last period. i never had any twinges or false labour not even a show with any of them. both times my contractions started early hours of the morning i woke up having contractions and they were 10mins apart from the start with both of them. good luck.


stefkay - July 4

Thanks girls :) I'm hangin in there and actually had 2 (yes only 2) painful contractions today and that was it. No pattern or anything so maybe it's a start of something, or wishful thinking ;) I'll keep you posted...


MissP - July 5

Stefkey - im wishing you all the best and it sounds like it wont be long. Also thank you so much for keeping an eye on my situation, im now on the third tri board with october moms so its nice to be here, even if you are about to leave us!! Thank you also for your positive story. I need those at the moment. I just updated with some new news on that thread if your wondering whats going on, its not all great news but im hanging in there. Anyway, back to your question, both my sils had babies in the last 2 weeks. They were both due June 23rd and one had hers on the 24th and the other went a week over and had hers on July2nd. Both babies are fine but i wont go into the labours as freakily enough they both had a few difficulties and ended up having emergency c-sections. This is not the time to be sharing labour nightmares!! But im sure yours will go swimmingly and hopefully not go too far over, i know you must be feeling quite uncomfortable now and ready to get on with it. Please let us know if something happens and try to sign in when you can! Just a question. What board does everyone use when youve had the baby? Is there a new born board or something, you know il go and have a look around and see what i can find. Ok Stefkey - and Charilbabe, hope you both have wonderfull painfree births this weekend and not go to far over!! Best wishes x x x


stefkay - July 5

Hi MissP! I'm so so so glad to see you here on the 3rd tri board :) I will read your update here in a sec. I'm still hanging in there and YES I am so nervous about labor now. It seems everyone around here and that I read about has had some type of labor drama. It's kind of unsettling to say the least :( Well, I think I'm going to try to get some activity today but I know it probably won't do much, so I'm planning on Tuesday at this point!


schreck - July 5

I was 8 days late with me dd. I went in to be induced and was already in labor. I would ask for a membrane sweep even at the hospital if you go in to be induced. They did that for me and my contractions (had been 7-8 min. apart) went to 1 min. apart. That is why they didn't induce me. The membrane sweep only works if your body is ready for labor. I had it done a week before and a day before I went in. Walk alot especially if you are having contractions.


stefkay - July 5

I'm not really having anything but braxton hicks contractions and I've had those since 16 weeks. They are more often now, but nothing regular and not painful. I've had like 2 contractions that had some pain and I think it was gas, lol :-S



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