Going To Gym While Pregnant

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Janice - February 21

who still goes to the gym while pregnant in the third trimester? I got a membership over a year ago, and am stuck in it for another year (was a 2 year contract). I am now 6months pregnant, and belly is growing and growing. The gym I go to is HUGE, so there are lots of people there, and I NEVER see any pregnant women. I was able to hide it until about a month ago when my stomach became more noticable. I feel like people look at me wierd b/c I'm at at the gym while being pregnant. Even my mother made a comment about me going. I dont see what the difference is between walking on a treadmill in the gym, and the many many pregnant women who walk in their neighborhoods while pregnant. I dont do real strenuous workouts. I usually just walk on the treadmill at a moderate pace for about 30 min. sometimes I will get on the bike for half the time instead of the treadmill. Are there any other pregnant women (who are far along in the pregnancy), and still going????


newmom24 - February 21

Of course pregnant women still go to the gym. I go 5 to 6 days a week!!! I lift weights do cardio you name it. Not only is it totally normal, but you should go. You need to remain healthy. People are probably looking at you because they never noticed that you were pregnant before, not to make you feel uncomfortable. If anything people who I have talked to think it is excellent that pregnant women get their b___ts in the gym and stay there. Do not listen to anyone else- mothers and any friends or family members. Get your b___t in there and enjoy yourself! I am almost 29 weeks and if it weren't for the gym, I know I would not be as healhty as I am today.


JennyC - February 21

yep, I get some weird looks too. I think people have such strong opinions about pregnancy sometimes, about so many things. They just need to keep their opinions to themselves!! I'm 36 weeks and I go with my husband. I usually walk the treadmill while he does other stuff. I'll walk for about 30 minutes to an hour at about 2 -2.5 mph. That has slowed down a lot lately, but if I go much faster, I give myself contractions. I figure slow is better than not at all. I really think its important to keep moving, and I figure I'm just trying to help the baby remember which direction is out and to start moving that way!! ha ha. The gym might actually be better than walking your neighborhood because at least if something did go wrong, there would be people around to help.


karen - February 21

I think if you're pregnant and you are exercising in a gym, people aren't looking at you thinking you shouldn't be there. They're looking at you thinking "wow, that's great that she's still exercising." That's what I always thought when I saw pregnant women at the gym. I always thought I'd be one of them too, but I'm 31 weeks and haven't been to the gym in over a month! I know people aren't being judgemental, but I'm like you and get self-conscious. I'd rather stick to my stationary bike at home or just walk around the mall or neighborhood. I get contractions too if I go too fast, and I find that I try to push it too much at the gym.


Honey Bee - February 21

you really shouldnt be lifting, I still go to the gym I just walk on the treadmill


Annette - February 21

I lifted weights (not heavy, of course) and did my cardio (elliptical/threadmill/stairmaster) for 45 mins up until the 34th week. After that I was too tired and heavy but walked 3 miles on the threadmill until my 37th week. I was induced the week after :)))


J.J. - February 22

I went to the gym 3-4 times a week until I had my baby, literally. I was actually at the gym in the evening, on my due date (but everyone doubted my baby would be on time, and I was supposed to be induced three days later.) I was doing cardio and feeling good/not feeling good/feeling good, etc., when it suddenly dawned on me...these were early contractions! Went home, and 4 hrs later, we were off to the hospital. So yes, you can go to the gym while pregnant. People will make comments and stare, but I wouldn't get discouraged by it.


maxsmom - February 23

Janice- Good for you!!! I am a personal trainer in a gym and 30 weeks pregnant myself. I have many clients who are pregnant as well. I agree that anyone who is looking at you is looking at you with great admiration, I know this because before I was pregnant that is exactly what I would think when I would see pregnant women in there. And the bigger and further along, the greater my admiration. Good luck and keep going



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