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3babies - June 7

I saw the doctor today and he has booked my caesarean section for tues 18th July. I will be one day short of 38 weeks. I have high blood pressure, and today was still high despite medication. He said we will book it for then, but if I continue to have problems bubs might be earlier. He increased my medication and talked about trying another. Very frustrating, as I can be resting and its still really high. Oh well, hopefully this baby will continue to cook for a little while longer!


Been There - June 7

I know it feels great! Congratulations!


gracie - June 7

Hi, I also have my date for my scheduled csection. July 19th. On the 18th they are sending me in for a bunch of blood work. Are they doing that with you the day before? I had higher fluctuating blood pressure around 28 weeks, but now at 33 it has stabalized really low. Since I never had high blood pressure before I just tried cuting out nearly all the salt I was eating.. bad french fry girl.... And it or something I dont know about.. helped. I still have to go in everyweek to have my blood pressure checked. I cant believe I will be having my little girl in 6 weeks from today. It seems like it goes soooooooooooo slow in the begining then suddenly its only around the corner. Although I am sooo uncomfertable that I am ready now... Do you know what you are having? is this your first csection? are you going to have a spinal or an epi? I had an epi with my first and it didnt go well so I will be having a spinal this time.. grace


Tjane - June 7

HI! I have a c-section scheduled for Tuesday July 18th as well!! I will be 39 weeks and 2 days though so I dont know if I will make it that far... I had a c-section 7 years ago and I am in a state that says once a c, always a c, so thats why. I am thankful for no complications but they wont even schedule you for a c-section until youre 39 weeks where I am delivering and Monday July 17th was completely booked. I was hoping they did some planned c-sections on weekends since my birthday is the 16th and I will be exactly 39 weeks but they dont=-( so I am hoping for labor, then they wont have a choice =-) What time do you have to be at the hospital? I have to be there at 6:00 am!!! Not that I will be able to sleep anyways!!!!


3babies - June 7

Hi, its great to see some others around the same time. This will be my third c/s. My first was an emergency at 35 weeks for high bp and IUGR, had a tiny bub but he did very well. The second was a repeat c/s elective, but had high bp again so doctors only too happy to do another c/s (as was I since my sons head measurement was in the 97th percentile and I am not a big girl!). This time we dont know what I am having so everyone is very excited. I really dont mind because I get excited either way, three gorgeous little boys, or we get a little girl! My oldest sons birthday is on the 22 which is the sat, so he was a bit disappointed that the baby couldnt be born on his birthday! Gracie, I have epidurals with my c/s, with no problems apart from the fact that I think that is the scariest part of the whole operation! Unfortunately my high bp seems a genetic thing. My mum and every one of her sisters had either pre eclampsia or full b__wn eclampsia with their pregnancies. I have had to be on medication each time. It goes back to normal after delivery though so that is good! Yes I have blood tests every two weeks and also have an u/s next week to check on growth (cant wait!). TJane they like us to get close to 39/40 weeks for c/s too, but because of my high bp the doctor said he will be happy if I even make it to the 18th. I'm happy with that because at least once their out you can control things unlike blood pressure! I'm not sure when I go in, both times before I have been in on bedrest already so we will see. Good luck girls, what are you having ... pink or blue?



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