Great 36 Weeks

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HL - November 14

My 36 week appointment is tomorrow. The beta-strep test I think it is called is being done. Just wondered how everyone else is doing at or around 36 weeks. :o) I'm having a boy and it feels like he's trying to kick his way out sometimes. I had pains a few times last night but everything seems fine this morning. After tomorrow my app. will be every week. I can't wait to hold him in my arms but I'm going to miss being pregnant! Any one else feel this way? Well; Good luck to all of us mommy to be's out there!!


Lauren - November 14

I am 37 weeks today. I too am going to miss being pregnant. I think I am going to miss feeling her moving the most. I cant wait til she is here though. A part of me wants her out right now, but then again, I want her to plump up some more too.


Brooke - November 14

I'm 37 weeks today as well! I will miss feeling my little girl try to kick her way out. However, I'm ready for her to come any day now!!


Sandra - November 14

I'm 36 weeks today, and am well ready for this pregnant part to be over. I want my baby now, or at least soon. I do like seeing my tummy move and am told that it will be the one thing I miss, but I am looking forward to being able to shave my own legs again! My little girl's head started getting engaged and was in the perfect position, but the doctor told me today that she has turned and have disengaged her head again completely. Doesn't sound like she's ready to come out yet. Hope she turns back soon, although it was very painful when she turned last time. If not, I'm going to try acupuncture.


joanna - November 15

I'm 37 weeks also. I can't wait to meet our little one, but I will definitely NOT miss being pregnant. It's amazing how God designs our bodies to grow these miracles, but I've been so uncomfortable throughout this whole process!



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