Great Pregnancy Until Now Why

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Laurie - February 6

I just turned 30 weeks this weekend. Up until recently I have been having a good pregnancy, not even a bit of morning sickness or anything other than a little mild acid reflux. Now all the sudden over the past week or so it seems like everything is falling apart. My acid reflux is acting up pretty severe, I'm tired all the time, I get dizzy from time to time, I get nautious several times a day, I'm now feeling the pressure on my lower ribs and getting short of breath. At my doctors appointment last week, the doctor told me my hemoglobin had dropped from 155 to 109 since the beginning of my pregnancy and she started me on some iron suppliments (the ones that are supposed to be the easiest on your stomack). How much of how I am feeling could have to do with the low hemoglobin and/or the iron suppliments? Anyone else feel like their bodies are suddenly breaking down on them?


Rebecca - February 6

Oh my gosh...I could've written this myself! I'm 28 weeks and feel like I'm falling apart all of a sudden too after 27 weeks of a very easy pregnancy. I spent Saturday night in the OB ward because of a racing pulse. Turns out I have a bladder infection (that I didn't have any symptoms of) and low iron/hemoglobin. So, you're not alone!


Annette - February 6

Laurie, could VERY WELL be that the nausea and reflux is due to the iron suplement (I had the same problem). It disappeared after a couple weeks, I guess when your body starts getting used to it. Bad news is that it doesn´t necessarily get better from now on, don´t want to scare you, but it´s nothing you can´t handle. Good news is that everyday is one day less to have your baby :)))


melissa - February 6

right around 28 wks i was diagnosed with lower iron and i was feeling TERRIBLE- so tired I couldnt function, lightheaded and very short of breath. Racing heart too. I started on Slow FE iron supplements and wow, what a difference. Take the iron you will feel SO much better!


Girl Gilly - February 6

I am at 32 weeks and 5 days and I have to say that I have had almost every symptom since the beginning of my pregnancy! Nothing severe, just various mild symptoms throughout. The third trimester has been pretty much the same just a little more pronounced. My good friend is about 5 weeks behind me and she has not had any real symptoms. I am so jealous!!



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