Green Tea

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Renee - December 21

Will Green tea bring on labor in the 35th week


just woundering - January 1

Let me know if it works or if you think its going to work I am 39 weeks and been though hell.


Des - January 18

S_x and walking or anything people try only work because their bodies are already ready for labor like effaced cirvics and dialation but no contractions. Nipple stimulation, s_x and walking are the only proven methods that work only if your body is ready to respond.


SARAH - May 23

I don't know if it will bring on labor, but I do know it's suggested that pregnant women only have one cup of Green Tea per day.


Lyssa - May 23

I've never heard that. It does have caffeine, though, so I wouldn't have it too often.


SARAH - May 26

Apparently.... Green Tea thins the blood (plus has caffeine), so only one cup/day is recommened.


Jenn - July 9

I just read in "American Baby" that green tea increases your risk of apina bifida and other neural tube defects because it inhibits folate activity. One to two cups per day can double your risk. Also I don't think it will induce labor.


Chris - July 9

I hope that at 35 weeks you're not trying to induce yourself already. You're still 5 weeks away. Every week is important. Also remember that a due date is a guess. You may be up to 7 weeks away from the date that your baby will actually be ready. I'm at 32 weeks and 2 cm dilated, plus dilating on the inside. Doing everything I can to keep this baby in! Don't put yourself or your baby at risk. Give him/her a few more weeks. :) GOOD LUCK


anne - July 9

Green tea does zip, nada, zero to induce labour. I agree with DES, and plus I agree with the woman that said "no" to 35 weeks


nicole - October 17

i've tried green tea....castor oil...walking...warm baths...s_x...squating...nothing worked. i was actually 2 weeks past my due date. my advise...wait it out. your body will do it's own thing when it's ready!


pbj - October 18

Actually, just like Sarah, I have read that it is inadvisable to drink Green Tea during pregnancy. Believe me, I was a green tea addict, so I had to stop drinking it. I would say try "Des" suggestions of walking, s_x and nipple stimulation...but it's also a little early to try to bring on labor. I suspect you're trying to avoid it.


Claire - January 16

There is research that Rapsberry leaf tea (RLT) makes contractions less painful and labor much quicker. Should only be taken from 32 weeks though. See the following link for womens comments...


Sarah2 - January 17

This info is good to know, although a bit late in my case. I was told Green Tea was a good alternative to coffee or reg. tea. I even had it with me at my last appointment and my hubby spilled some on the table. Doc helped me clean it up and said "mmm, green tea". How bizarre. Well, I haven't had too many cups of it but I did enjoy one once in a while. I am 39 weeks now so I sure hope it hasn't effected us in any way. I also agree with DES...I have tried everything people have told me. I've even been on the primrose oil for well over a week and it hasn't done a thing. For all those people who say they swear something worked for them, I do believe their bodies were ready and shortly would have gone into labor anyway. Everyone was SURE I was going to deliver early. My baby is over 9 lbs now (or so the ultrasound showed at 38 weeks) and the doc sent me home saying I would surely be in labor any day. I'm still holding on. Walking everyday, nipple stimulation (I even tried the pump a few times), s_x, primrose oil, pineapple, and more silly things. I haven't tried castor oil but I am just not brave enough to take that risk. You can really put your baby at risk with castor oil. Knowing these risks and doing it anyway, is like saying "well, I smoked when I was pregnant and my baby turned out just fine!!" Its just not worth it in my eyes. This baby will come when ready :) Good luck everyone!


truth about - January 17

green tea. You can get it with out caffeine. It is beneficial because of the anti oxidents it contains. It is not recommended during early pregnancy because it can block folate. Folate is essential in helping to prevent neural tube defects. Drinking green tea in your third semester or even the second would have no effect on neural tube defects because they occur in the first trimester. Caffeine intake should be watched no matter what the source. Lastly green tea does not bring on labor but red raspberry leaf tea will--IF you are close to delivery. Actually there is some controversy over whether it should be used while pregnant at all. It does stimulate uterine contractions, so some believe drinking to early in pregnancy could cause you to go into labor too early. This will probably only happen if you are predisposed to having that happen anyway.


truth about cont. - January 17

35 weeks is a bit early. Trust me I know how miserable you are but it's not worth it. Give the baby a little more time. Other things that may help you go into labor are s_x, oral s_x in particular if you swallow. Semen contains a chemical that induces labor, in fact pitocin used in hospitals to induce is pretty similar to the chemical found in s____n.



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