Gridle Question

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Linda - March 10

My cousin's both had babies last year and both wore a gridle after birth. They we're both about a size 6 before they had babies. I told one of my friends at work that I have to get one and she said that she never heard of it after she had her baby. Has anyone else heard of wearing a gridle after they gave birth?


Linda- - March 10

Actually I spelt it wrong. I think it's girdle. You guys get it though.


Cabbie - March 10

I've never heard of that.


tiffany - March 10

i've seen them in a magazine for baby stuff called one step ahead, they also have a website by the same name. It's made by medela, the same people who make b___st pumps, etc. It is said to support and flatten you bellly a little bit. It helps you get into some of your pre-pregnancy clothes. It also helps when you have a c-section, but not sure how, that's what it says in the article. I thought about getting one, just so i don't have to wear maternity clothes after Ihave the baby. We'll see though. Hope that helps. Good luck w/ your pregnancy!


Hannah - March 10

I certainly have heard of them and will be wearing one coming home from the hospital. :)


Drew - March 10

I've never heard of it, but I couldn't imagine wearing something tight around my belly for awhil after birth!


Annette - March 10

I am wearing mine. Sucked in the beggining but right now it´s to the point where it´s more confortable to have it on than not, it holds tigth my miserably saggy belly.


N - March 10

I'm wondring if it wouldn't make it more difficult for your muscles to get back into shape, if they are dependant on the girdle for support?


Preggo - March 10

I talk to my SIL yesterday .. shes had 4 kids and she told me " a word to the wise.... wear a girdle after the baby's born" but she never said why ... maybe this is what she ment...


to all - March 10

The best way of losing weight after baby is b___stfeeding, even though you're still eating extra calories for the baby's nutrition. I don't believe the girdle thing. It makes no sense; sounds like a gimmick.


Drew - March 10

N, that's exactly what I was'd think it would be harder to rebuild your muscles. hmmmm.


Robin - March 10

Well babies r us sells what is called a "postpartum belt" which looks sort of like a girdle. It makes sense to me because my frien who got liposuction had to wear something similar to help her skin "shrink" back up.


TO Robin - March 10

Your right! After people have lipo they wear stuff like that. So maybe there is something to this. It doesn't hurt then to give it a try.


Robin - March 11

Yup! I agree! It is worth a try!


TML - March 11

For $20, you can't go wrong! Thanks Tiffany and others for the good info. Medela has a great reputation and I can't imagine them promoting a gimmick. Annette, how often are you wearing yours? Do you give yourself a break at night or during the day?


^lucy^ - March 12

i think its the postpartum belt ur talking about here.. yeah i'll be getting one as my mom told me it is really necessary to wear it so it helps ur tummy shrink back to normal besides b/f and stuff.. but it sure helps and is no harm in giving it a try :)


Lyd - March 12

I think it works. Not just because of the lipo thing, but people who wore corsets back in the days could actually make their waists smaller.



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