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Dina - November 5

I am 31 weeks and just saw my "area" for the first time with a mirror. Ugh! Is it supposed to look like that. GIANT taco is the only way I can describe it.....sorry. Does this mean I'm dilating or is it normal?


Hmm - November 5

Wow, what are you talking about? You should not be dialating at 31 weeks and even if you were it shouldn't look nasty down there because your cervix is what dialates not your v____a. Your v____a will look a bit different after you give birth but not before. Maybe all the discharge preggos get has wrinkled it up! lol I haven't put a mirror down there and now I know I don't want to! lol


C - November 5

It is normal....I am 39 wks and have felt swollen for weeks and "it" just doesn't look or feel the same:( It's because of all the pressure. Don't worry, you will look normal again. I don't believe it means your dilating.


Hmm - November 5

BTW, I am pregnant with my second child and it didn't change the way my v____a looked after giving birth. Maybe it's hubbys fault.


sian - November 5

i have to say i noticed a difference too at the end of my pregnancy, including colour and thought i looked gross.after having my son (2 wks ago) i can say i look completely normal down there now.not that i really have anyone to compare to..haha


N - November 5

I look down there all the time! before i was pregnant, and i've been looking throughout my pregnancy. i noticed quite early on that i changed colour down there - like blue/black in areas. i think it's called "chadwicks sign". and i have definately noticed that my whole v____a looks larger - almost swollen. my doctor has said it's totally normal, with all of the hormones raging through our bodies our v____as are going to reflect that.


Bohnwin - November 6

To Dina, your cervix is what dialates when you give birth, and it is at the top of your v____al ca___l, so I really doubt you can see it w/o a speculum. Ladies, yes, it is normal to have a swollen labia, or "giant taco". My daughter is 21 mos now, but I remember being preggo. My labia was so swollen, I had to buy new undies because the thongs weren't cutting it... I went to "granny panties" I had tons of discharge which smelled strange, and I even did a "wet prep" (I am a lab technician) on myself to make sure that nothing was wrong (we can look under a microscope at v____al discharge for "clue cells" to detect bacterial vaginosis, which is an infection caused by bacteria, or cells indicitive to Candida albicans which may cause the ever common yeast infection.) None of that showed up. I went through my pregnancy with a huge labia, and gave birth, and now I'm normal. Just like before I had Vanessa. It's probably hormones telling your body to redirect blood to your pelvic region (that is where your baby is). I'm sure you'll return back to normal after giving birth. Best of luck to moms to be!!!


C - November 6

I can't wait to feel normal again "and" be able to see down there without looking in the


Dina - November 6

thanks everyone.....I feel much more normal now!


Christy - November 6

Don't worry, it is :"normal." I don't know if you read the Jenny McCarthy book, 'Belly Laughs," but she had a chapter devoted to this subject. She described her genetalia as looking like two blue Twinkies. Mine is more swollen than previously and slightly darker, but I am not too worried about it. I figure it will go back to normal eventually.



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