Gross I Know Hemroids

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ashamed - October 19

I've never had hemroids, but I think I may now, but not sure? There is something the size of a pea on my butt hole. It's not painful, it's soft, round and flesh colored. I'm too ashamed to ask my male doctors cause I know they'll wanta look at it (uck!!!) so I thought I'd give you girls a try. Any help would great!


bump - October 19



j - October 19

I had hemorrhoids before I got pregnant (I have IBS...Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I didn't ever have any on the outside of my rectum just internal. I would NOT be ashamed to show your doctor. The 1st time it's a little uncomfortable but they are more interested in figuring out WHAT it is than judging you. What if it's cancerous? What's the difference if they look at that or look at your v____a? I'm still alive after showing my b___t off! :) You will be too. I would seriously have your doctor look at it.


georgia - October 19

i am 40 weeks and i have three there huge and very very very painful i hope i don't go into labor


Heidi - October 19

I had a pea sized one around 36 wks and I had my baby last week and it's still there but getting smaller and doesn't hurt. It hurt when I first got it and I just used those Tucks pads and that helped a lot. I don't even notice it's there anymore and it'll probably go away soon.


Steph - October 20

I am 35 weeks and have had one now for about 3 weeks, its very small and just barely outside my bum, somedays it isn't even showing. Mine so far hasn't been too painful, a couple of times, it just feels a little irritated, but I also use the tucks pads and that helps alot with any discomfort. Sounds like that's what you have. I would let your doctor know and yeah - he might want to look at it, but when I told my doc about mine and he checked it, it was about 2 seconds, he didn't examine it or anything - just really quick to see size and see if it was infected or not. Good Luck!


hi - October 20

im 34 weeks preg and also have them i have found a__sol has shrunk them xxx



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