Gross I M Sorry But A Hemorrhoid Question

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chriss - January 24

Has anyone had these and if so, were you able to get rid of them and how. I am 33 wks and have them since about wk 28 or so. I try to drink as much water as I can and I eat fairly health with as much multi-grain/bran etc as I can handle, but it seems that things still aren't working the way they should, which doesn't necessarily make my problem worse, but doesn't help it go away either. I've told my Dr. about it and he doesn't seem too concerned, said it was normal (didn't check) but I don't know if it's normal to have this for so long. I haven't been really faithfull with taking the warm baths and using the cream 4 times a day either.......... Anyone else have this problem? I'm sorry if this is TMI or gross, but I haven't seen it discussed on the site and apparently it is a common problem in pregnancy.................


Tira - January 24

yup, this is a common problem in pregnancy. I'm 40 weeks and 1 day and have had them for the last few days only, so you really have my sympathy. Sitting and standing for long periods can make them worse, so if possible try and lie on your side and rest. The pressure of the baby has caused mine so perhaps this is preventing yours from healing. After the baby is born they'll heal, it's just one more discomfort of pregnancy. Hope this helps..take care


Kar - January 24

chriss......I'am 33 weeks preggo and have had them for a couple of weeks, I guess I'm lucky and they don't bother me too much I mean I do know they are there!! It is a common problem with pregnancy.......and don't think they are to worry about.


Melissa30 - January 24

i am glad to see I am not alone. I have had hemorrhoid problems for the last 3 weeks. I am 26 weeks right now. I have tried everything to get rid of them. I have even gone so far as to hold it for a few days (I don't recommend that solution. I paid the price, if you know what I mean) and it still didn't work. They are still there.


chriss - January 24

Thank you ladies, it's good to know that I'm not alone in my suffering! LOL, well I'm not really suffering because they don't really bother me in terms of causing me pain or anything, but I do know that they are there and shouldn't be, I would like to get rid of them before I give bith though, because if I have this now, I can't imagine what will happen when you do all of the forcing etc during delivery. I may never be able to go to the bathroom again!!!


kerryv - January 24

i have them too! though they do not actually hurt or bother me, but like the other women have said- i do know they are there! i bought some of the tucs witch hazel pads. i dont know if they actually help or not but you can use those. i hate to say it but they are only going to get worse after delivery- at least taht is what i have been told. they are not a problem though, persay and that is why your doc isnt concerned, it is VERY common in pregnant women- noone wants to talk about it though. if they start bothering you or bleeding or something different, make sure you bring it up to your doc.


Danielle26 - January 24

I know this is going to sound gross, but you can get a referral for a proctologist. They can give you a cortisone shot in your nether region that will shrink the ones you have and prevent new ones. I'm not that brave, but mine aren't that bad. I'm almost thinking about it because with my first, labor gave me the worst case of them for about a month. Good luck!


danimarie - January 24

Hey ladies...I haven't had hemorrhoids...BUT I work at a Colon & Rectal Surgeons office. One of the most common causes of hemorrhoids is either pregnancy or childbirth. It is very interesting because I have never heard of the cortisone shot thing that Danielle26 suggested...but maybe other proctologists treat them that way?? I dunno. Anyway.....The warm baths and using the cream faithfully are both really important for getting relief. After you have the baby, if they still aren't healing up you can see a Colon & Rectal surgeon and decide whether they are bad enough to have surgically removed (but remember that surgery isn't a fun easy process either). Eating lots of fiber is good (you can also try getting the Metamucil powder)- even if you aren't constipated this will just help keep things moving and is good for isn't like a laxative or anything. Hmm...what else can I recommend? Basically, there isn't a lot that can be done...the Tucks pads can help some....basically, you guys are all on the right track. Unfortunately there is no magical cure...and even worse, once you get them they can flare up again. If they are internal hemorrhoids and you notice that they are bleeding, they can do a simple procedure called a rubberband ligation where they put a rubberband around it and then they just die and fall off. And if the hemorrhoid goes away eventually but a skin tag remains, those are fairly easy to remove as well and can be done in the office. They are basically a pain in the b___t (literally)...


babyonboard16 - January 25

I have them too so I understandI read somewhere that cold sometimes helps because it constricts the veins, but frankly I don't like the idea of putting an ice pack there. My doc told me to take a stool softner every day and I have tucks pads havent tried either thuogh, probably should haha.


iemc19 - January 25

I had them in all 3 of my pregnancies - I think I got them because I was always anaemic and the iron tablets made me constipated...they always healed up/cleared after I delivered...None this time ...I'm not anaemic so maybe thats why they haven't appeared.??And outwith of pregnancy they were nowhere to be seen...


chriss - January 25

Hey ladies thank you all for your advice. In the past few days I have been taking warm baths and using sea salt/epsum salts in the bath water and this seems to have helped dramatically, they have almost disappeared (until I go to the bathroom again that is) I am also anaemic, this is when the whole thing started, about four days after taking my iron supplements, I stopped taking them and the problem didn't go away! But I recommend trying the epsum salts........



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