Gross Question About The Quot Crap Quot I Am Dealing With LOL

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Embarrassed - November 18

Has anyones color and consistency changed in their bowel movements? In the last month I went from being consitpated and a normal colored stool to soft runny, yellowish stool and going sometimes 3x a day. I know it is gross. Should I ask my doc? I neer thought I would be talking about c__p like this.....LOL


Maggie - November 18

This happens later in pregnancy because your growing uterus is pushing on all your abdominal organs (stomach, bowels, etc.). It is quite normal, but be careful because now is the time you may start to have hemmoroids. If you get them there is a cream your doc can give you for relief. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. I always say that if you are unsure of anything, ask your doctor because thats why they are there. Trust me though when I say its normal. I've experienced this with both my pregnancies. Good Luck to you.


Lenny - November 18

I am 34 weeks and experincing the same exact thing. how mnay weeks are you??


Jaclyn - November 18

I have been experiencing the same thing (I am almost 36 wks). Give it a couple of days & u will be constipated again & then wait a few more days and it will be runny... Oh, the ever changing pregnant body!! I did hear that diarhea is a sign for the begining stages of labor.


B - November 18

Jaclyn I was going to say that too. In my childbirth cla__s she said that diarhea is a sign of early labor.


Lena - November 18

I'm 36 weeks and it had happened to me too. It is a sign that your body is preparing for labor - getting rid of all the "c___p" lol that could be in the way of baby's pa__sage. I don't think that you may start having hemmoroids though, hemmoroids come from constipation.


embarra__sed - November 19

I have had this for one month. I am 34 weeks and 3days. It has not changed but stayed consistently like this since week 28. Tonite I had BH for several hours between 10-15 apart. AND this is my 5th baby and I never had this. Okay off to bed. I am so tired.... Thanks girlz!



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