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c - January 26

Anyone have any experience with this? Just found out I tested pos. for it. Is inducing a common procedure?


Jamie - January 26

I am group b strep +! Just make sure you get to the hospital in time for your antibiotics. I went last time as soon as contractions started. This time I have been to the hospital twice with false labor, but they say its better to get there for the antibiotics. Inducing happens alot. I am gbs+ this time too. Nothing to worrie about. Just get there in time


m - January 26

I was also group b + and it is nothing to worry about, like Jamie said they just give you antibiotics before you deliver. I know several people who has had it and really don't worry. I was induced at 38 wks only because he was a big baby and I was dialated to a 3cm and she wanted to run antibiotics through me all night, so she decided to induce me and inducing is a common procedure. goood luck


Me too Dang it!!! - January 26

I am also + for group b and I am 22 weeks. Does it go away? My Dr. said it was too early to worry about it and did not treat it.


Jamie - January 26

me 2 dang it, Its not really that bad of a thing. It infect 15% of all women. I can't say if it goes away or not. I had with my first. They said I might not have it with the second but I do. Nothing to be worried about. Like I said before. just make sure you get to the hospital intime for your antibiotics. If you dont there are consqences.


Cynthia - June 22

I have Group B strep and asked my doctor to induce me because of the risk of not getting the antibiotic. We made an appointment and I got 4 doses of the antibiotics.


Katharine - June 22

I have never heard of inducing because of GBS. I missed the second dose with my first pregnancy and didn't have any problems. It hasn't been recommended to be incuded, I think I would be too scared!


SARAH - June 22

I just found out I was gbs pos. today. What is it? How did I get it?


Katharine - June 23

I asked about induction at my appt today. She said that the practice doesn't do that and seemed surprised that others do. She said the only reason that would be considered would be if one had a history of 2 hour labors and not getting the necessary doses. I'm glad since I DO NOT want to be induced. SARAH-It is a bacteria that most women have at different times, it can be a problem if it is abundent at birth. They will give you antibiotics when you go into labor to kill it off. You can't take antibiotics any earlier, as it will just grow back.


Staci - June 23

Im 26.5 weeks, when can i expect this test? also, is it the same as a pap smear? (ie: a swab in your v____al area?)


Katharine - June 23

My doctor was going to do it today, at my 35 week appt, but I didn't need it since I had already had it. It seems like it was an external swab in the v____al and a___l areas, but others may know better. It's been a few years!


tracey - June 24

I just found out monday that i have it too. Is it me or does it seem like a lot mor than 15% of women have it. oh Well i am 39 weeks today and I wish they would induce me. I am so tired of being Pregnant.


SARAH - June 24

Yeah Tracey - it does seem like a lot more than 15% of women. Everyone I know has tested pos. for it.


playitagainsam - June 24

No, inducing is not common. In fact, the longer the baby stays in, the more mature his/her system will be, and the less likely he/she will be to contract group b strep disease. It used to be common practice to treat every + woman with antibiotics, just in case. The problem is that antibiotics cause more side effects than the strep for most babies. However, group b strep disease is serious enough (though very rare) that it's a good idea to do antibiotics if you are in a high-risk category (premature birth, prolonged rupture of the membranes, low birth weight). If not, many doctors would not necessarily prescribe antibiotics. Alternative treatments include douching with Hibiclens (which you can get at a natural food store), and drinking 3 Tbsp of chlorophyll a day (if you tested + rectally). Good luck!


playitagainsam - June 24

BTW, my midwife claims that about 30% of her clientele tests +.


chels - June 25

I had GBS with my first baby... my water broke at 3 pm and they started to induce me at about 5 pm, b/c labour had not started. They did this b/c obviously not good for baby to be in if water has broken and also don't want baby to be infected by gbs, while "coming out". They want to get you on IV as soon as possible . GBS wont go away once you realize you have it during a pregnancy, weird, considering you may not have it during your next. Never heard of being induced though just b/c you have GBS...


D - June 26

I just finished nursing school, and we learned roughly 20 - 30% of all women are pos. for GBS. It is largely a lower GI bacteria with no signs or symptoms, but a great website to go to is: Is taken straight from educational materials and written in easy to understand language.



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