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Concerned?? - November 19

Has anyone else tested positive for group B strep? I don't understand it or how you get it, should I be worried?


Christina - November 19

I go for my test on Tuesday. I heard that if you test positive they give you antibiotics at the time you go into labor and this reduces your baby's chance of getting infected by 70%. I too, would like to hear more about this-- anybody??


Maggie - November 19

Group B strep is a bacteria that is found in the intestine or v____a. The good possibility is that your GBS is what they call "colonized" or inactive. Your doctor can prevent the spread of GBS to your baby by administering IV antibiotics to you about 6-8 hours before you deliver, but what I would suggest is that you talk to your doctor about scheduling an induction, and recieving the antibiotics about 12-14 hours before you deliver to be on the safe side. If the antibiotics are given in time your baby should be fine, and not contract the infection. If your baby does catch the infection there can be serious complications to your newborn's health such as meningitis, and blood infections. The chances of your baby getting sick are very low if you get the antibiotics in a timely manner. Call your doctor and schedule the induction, this way you have some piece of mind.


... - November 19

Just to let you's NOT an STD or anything bad like that. It's nothing you could've prevented if you test positive. It's something that's naturally in our bodies. I was tested at 34 weeks only 'cause I am high risk & can labor any day. Usually at the hospitals here they test around 37ish.


Concerned?? - November 19

Will a doctor just schedule an induction if you are not past your due date?? If so, when do you think the soonest they will do it? I'm a little over 37 weeks.


Maggie - November 19

I'm not sure when your doc would want to schedule one, but it would probably be after your 38th. week when you are full term. Are you dilated at all, and is the baby in position?


Concerned - November 19

Yeah I'm dilated to 1 cm and she said he's in position. I've been having lots and lots of contractions too and they seem to be getting stronger and stronger.


Maggie - November 20

I would call your doc and talk to him. If your body and baby are ready maybe they would do it earlier. Do you think you are having real deal contractions or just braxton hicks?


Concerned - November 20

The majority of them are braxton hicks I think, but that last FOREVER. Sometimes they seem like last for like 3 or 4 minutes. I have been having a lot of cramps too sometimes I feel like I"m about to start my period because of the cramps and lower back pain.


Amanda - November 22

I tested positive for GBS infection and they found mine at 12 weeks through a urine sample. I have been worried about it but have done a ton of information that has put my mind at ease. I have talked to my doctor about induction because I live an hour away from the hospital and I am due in December and live in I am afraid that I will go into labor and there will be a blizzard or something haha! He said as long as my cervix is ready he will induce 7-10 days early...I am hoping to be dialated...I do to the doctor on Tuesday...wish me luck!


Bree - November 22

Question: I just got the "swab" test for it yesterday. If I DO have it, that is a little worrysome b/c w/my other 2 kids labor was only 3 hours, then 2 1/2 hours w/my son. The antibiotics would not help, then, right???? presuming my labor was fast.


Bree - November 22

If you have a quick labor getting the antibiotics for any amount of time is better than nothing. But also if your labor goes quickly that is the less time your little one has to come in contact with the infection. Everything will be fine if you do have GBS...but if you have 2 others and you didn't test positive then you probably won't this time either.


,,, - November 22

I don't mean to scare you or anything but in regards to not testing positive for the first two but testing positive for this one,.... it could happen. There was a lady on one of the other posts that said with her first five kids she tested negative and she was on her sixth and tested positive. Not saying that you will test positive or anything, but it could happen.


concerned - November 22

Amanda, I am in the same boat you are in, I live like 45 min. away so I'm scared I won't make it on time either. More so because I'm scared I won't know for sure when I'm in labor too. My next doctor's appointment isn't till next Wednesday which will be two weeks in between appointments and less than a week till me due date. So I'm scared I will go into labor before I even get to talk about induction. Should I call or wait??


Amanda - November 22

I would call and talk to your doctor. Some doctors are fine with induction and others don't seem to want to do it unless it is absolutly necessary. It doesn't hurt to ask....the worst they can say is no! I would be worried if I were you also as you know I am! I know that both our babies are going to be born perfect and healthy tho.


Concerned - November 23

Well my doctor's nurse got back to me today on inducing early and my doctor said no, that everything would be fine. She doesn't seem concerned about it at all. I don't know if that puts my mind at ease or not. LOL. I just have to keep telling myself everything will be ok.


Carolyn - December 3

Okay, has anyone ever tested positive for group B strep and had problems w/their delivery or baby? I tested positive and I've read some pretty horrible things online about it. When the doctor first told me about it she said it wasn't anything to worry about & they would just give me antibiotics during delivery. I want to know if these bad things I'm hearing are in extreme cases or what???



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