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averysmom - January 12

Ok I'm a little confused...My doctor tested for Group B Strep at one of my earlier appointments( I am now 33-34 weeks) He told me at my last visit I would not be tested again for it because it grew out of my urine..does this mean I am positive for Group B Strep? He never said anything else and at the time, I don't know why, but I didn't think to get it clarified.


Bailey2786 - January 12

yes you are positive for GBS! it actully means that you have alot of GBS bateria in your body so you should get medication now to get it out of your urine and medication during labour! I had the same thing!


DDT - January 12

Why did your doctor test so early? I thought Group B Strep was supposed to be tested at 35-37wks. American Pregnancy a__sociation: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended routine screening for v____al strep B for all pregnant women. This screening is performed between the 35th and 37th week of pregnancy (anytime other than this time will not be significant to show if a woman is carrying GBS during the time of her delivery)." You may want your doc to retest you.


DDT - January 12

But I mean if he has already confirmed you have GBS then you will recieve antibiotics during labour no matter what. If you had tested negative then it may have been an issue because you would need to be tested again for it to be accurate.


Bailey2786 - January 12

It was found in her Urine thats why she knows she has it! I thought I had a UTI so they did a urine culture and found out it was GBS.. my doc said since she knew I had it I didn't have to get the swab done!


NICOLE - January 12

i was just told today i am positive. had a swab done and started meds tonight


averysmom - January 13

My doctor hasn't given me any kind of meds or even mentioned administering meds during labor..


Bailey2786 - January 13

I would def ask him.. my doc gave me meds right when I had it.. and all of the cites that i went to said if they find it in your urine then you should get treated now and also during labour!


Tracy88 - January 13

My doctor discovered strep B when i was going through fertility treatments (IUI's) and treated it then, plus he said I would be tested again just before giving birth. I would call the doctor and ask whether they found it (which it sounds like they did) and what your course of treatment will be and when. Maybe they just want to treat it just before birth like DDT quoted.


Bailey2786 - January 13

Yes, really the most important thing is if they treat you during labour! GL! and don't worry bout it! :) :)


NICOLE - January 13

just ask dr. i got meds when i was diagnosised and then i will also get them in labor



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