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Mrs.Steve - September 19

I was told today that I more than likely are positive for it, since I have a uti and had bacteria in my urine. I didn't know much about it until I came home today and read about it, now I'm terrified! My nurse pract_tioner says that it just means that I'll need antibiotics while in labor. Now I'm worried about my baby. Am I in more danger than she's letting on?


crrodgers - September 19

Group B is not a big deal at all as long as they know about it and give you antibiotics during delivery! There's nothing to worry about! It is VERY common! Good Luck!


beagle1223 - September 19

I have a friend who just had a baby and she tested positive for group B strep. They gave her antibiotics when she went into labor through an IV and everything turned out fine. She now has a beautiful healthy little girl - no harm to the baby at all. From what I understand, it is pretty common and nothing to worry about as long as you get the antibiotics. You and your baby should be fine! Good luck!


lsarn - September 19

No big deal- I'm a L&D nurse-very common. Enjoy your delivery, and good luck:)))


DDT - September 19

Nope its not a big deal....I tested positive to. You're administered antibiotics during labour. And if your water breaks you need to get to the L&D ward right away. No worries!


emfine99 - September 19

They told me today that I would have the test at 36 weeks for this, so I read up on it a little. I wouldn't be worried. I think they put you on antibiotics so that the baby won't contract an infection on the way out. You should be fine, like others said, I wouldn't worry too much about it!


afireinsideamanda - September 19

sounds too similar to my deal.


Bellas Mom - September 19

I tested positive in my first pregnancy and was a little worried too. But there really is nothing to worry about. They just place a bag of antibiotics into your iv, it takes 15 minutes to go through your system, then they put another bag a few hours later (if you are still in labor) . I had a beautiful healthy little girl. I tested positive again this time and not worried at all, it's so normal, and we should be thankful they now have a solution for this - antibiotics.... Everything will be fine :o)



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